IBM 120 | Interview with Perry Marshall, Google Adwords Master

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we have an interview with Google Adwords master, Perry Marshall.  And in the Quick Tip we reveal our latest favorite tool for managing Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Have you ever used Adwords and what was your experience like?

    • Adwords was where I first started “internet business” and could NEVER get my landing page to comply. I ended up very frustrated and stopped trying. I want to give it another go (especially after listening to the interview) Hopefully I’ll figure out the first step. I really want to begin to learn how to split test etc.

    • Hey Guys,

      I use Adwords as the main driving force for my PAID advertising (word of mouth, and customers returning also play a big part of our business) but we’ve found print simply doesn’t return the dollars like it used to – it’s simply outdated. The great thing with Adwords is the fast, easy and detailed reporting options with testing and results. In the early days of Adwords I recall loosing around $3000 from simply being “stupid” with it. Its like any advertising it needs to be measured and tested to see the best results. I’m lucky because I have a high cost product/service, my beginner acting course is $297. Around 18 months ago I would spend around $40 to $55 per sale on Adwords advertising which is around 14% to 18% of each sale going on selling that product to the customer. Now those are not bad odds, as you guys say, I will always trade $55 to get $297 (and I guess that’s the great thing about Adwords, you only pay for “quality” leads). However after 18 months or testing CPC rates, Ad Headlines, Ad Copy and the most important thing what the customers are actually using as search terms we have been able to reduce the per sale advertising rate to around $8.91 to $14.85 which is only 3% to 5% of each sale. I have also found it a great tool to use selective advertising times in the Adwords set-up options. As you guys know I split test everything. We had many customers late, and I mean late at night searching and clicking through to our site but would never and I mean never buy, they are simply time waster that I have to pay for, so I set specific times that our Adwords run (this data was obtained by Google Analytics). I also feel that a good Adwords campaign is also matched with a great SEO campaign. When our customers search the most popular search term for our niche (which will remain unknown in case anyone is looking to get into my niche) and they do so in the town the niche and business are “Perth, WA” we not only get a top Adwords listing, but we also get an organic ranking of #1 and #2 for our main site plus our landing page, plus an organic ranking of #3 and #4 for supporting feeder sites we own. It is interesting because I then tested (as I do) loosing the Adwords campaign because we have so many organic free listings, I thought that they will still find us, and something interesting happened. sales dropped 18%. I put Adwords back on, sales return 19% higher that week. I did some asking around of potential customers and found that, Adwords can act like a quality indicator or a type of social proof that your business is big and worthwhile. Our Google Analytics results show that Adwords only accounts for 42% of our traffic and organic search results in 51% of our traffic. So people don’t always click on an Adword ad, but use the organic ranking, so this implies that the Adword Ad must be having some affect on them, because when you take it away, traffic reduces.

      Interesting stuff, okay maybe I sound like a sad man for loving this type of stuff, but its great because testing shows you the results and allows you to build a better business.

      Loren @ Acting Classes In Perth

  2. I just bought Perry’s 2011 Adwords Guide and hope to get some experience.

    I’ve been thinking of starting some campaigns, running those people directly to a survey, just ask them what they want right there on the landing page, giving them a free e-book with an opt-in form.

    The one thing I’m most frustrated about is that I really don’t know what my potential market wants, and the content marketing seems slow to get to that point. Yes, they’re “consuming” the content, but I want to know what they want as quickly as possible.

  3. Deferred Success says:

    Has the extended Perry Marshall interview been added to the ‘Grill the Guru’ section within the IBM Academy yet?

  4. Perry gave me some real food for thought on this whole organic v paid listing seo thing.
    I am really looking forward to hearing the full interview with
    Perry Marshall in the “Grill the Guru” section of Academy 2 when it is published real soon ;-) .
    Little bit of English understatement there (from an irishman!).