IBM 114 | Our Suggestions for Internet Business Focus in 2011

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about Our Suggestions for your Internet Business Focus in 2011. And in the Quick Tip We have a resource for keeping up on the latest marketing strategy that has us excited.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

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  1. Did you check out the mobile marketing video? What did you think?

    • Hey Sterling –

      I just discovered your site a few weeks ago. I have been digesting the IBM podcasts to learn about this whole lifestyle design thing. Love your content. I did check out MLF product. I am only on the 3rd module. It sounds very promising. I hated the quality of the videos. It was really hard to follow sometimes. I received an email about the coaching but for some reason it came in late and I missed the call. I am in Oregon so maybe it’s time delivery thing… oh well, I hope to make it next time.

      Keep up the awesome job. You guys totally inspire me!

  2. Don’t think the time management link is what I expected — the /time link did not mention the time management course, but instead forwarded to /time-bandits. Relevant, but not about the course.

  3. I’m an Academy member and a long-time subscriber to your podcast and reader of your blog.

    I’m really surprised you are linking up with and/or promoting a Ryan Deiss product. This guy is a total scammer – a hypster who fronts for a lot of crappy products (see Let’s Get Social, for example) made by amateurs who hire him to front for them. He makes totally frenetic promotional videos to make the sale. But when the product is delivered you find out that it is total junk, poorly made videos (doors slamming, dogs barking, kids crying), mindless content, etc.

    This MobileFusion video is a carbon copy of “Let’s Get Social,” his previous promotional scam.

    You guys are the gold standard in Internet Business. Lose this idiot and retain your reputation as among the few
    “good guys” in Internet marketing.

    • Hey Jeff,

      First off, thank you so much for supporting the show and being a part of the Academy. We are so glad you are here!

      As for Ryan, I know him personally. I know his theory on business and products and I mastermind with him once or twice a year. Ryan is considered a GENIUS in the IM space and most of the guys steal his marketing ideas, internal design and tactics. Us included, to a degree.

      Ryan is the guy that motivated me to do a membership site and the sales funnel we have. He is far from a scammer. I have lets get social, though I have never gone through it, so I cannot speak to that, but the stuff we promote from him are great starter products. MLF is a great way to get STARTED in the local and mobile market. It’s not an a-z, advanced, long term, mega business plan, just a great starter, just like the other thing we promoted from them about facebook. It was a nice low-priced, starter product.

      We only promote stuff we have seen and/or been through. If we are willing to bring it to our people, that is why. If you have been on our newsletter list, you can see we don’t even come close to hopping on all the big buzz launches, just the stuff we use and love.

      As for production quality, that is a tough one. I love working from home and I have a high standard when it comes to recording, but I also forgive a lot, since I support home recording/business so much.

      • Thanks for your reply, Sterling.

        I respect that you stand by Deiss. My experience with him was very different. He is undoubtedly a very good pitchman – that’s what sold me on Let’s Get Social. What was inside the box, however, did not live up to the his professional pitch. This product comes off much the same in the pitch, but even more hyped.

        You’ve earned your reputation by offering quality instruction and value, including production value. What gives the IM marketplace a questionable or variable reputation is the absence of standards. You and Jay have rightfully earned your reputation by offering consistently high value and quality. And your products/courses, etc. are promoted ethically and well.

        It is those of you at your end of the Internet Marketing spectrum who have the most to lose by being compromised by the yellow highlighter, fast-talking, low value guys. If Ryan Deiss is as much of a genius as you report, then just selling something, even if it’s below par, undercuts his credibility in my book.

        What counts today, more than ever, is delivery of quality content, excellent value, and superior products and services. And that’s the standard toward which I hope more of the IM space will work toward delivering.

        Keep up your great work. I remain a loyal fan and endorse IBM and IBMA to others interested in learning about and getting involved in Internet Marketing.

        • Thanks for the kind words. We sure do everything we can to keep the high standards!

        • I have to second Jeff. There is some good stuff coming from Ryan on himself, and his (old) presentation on the bootcamp off Jeff Johnson is ok.
          But being on his mailinglist just frustrates me, getting all this junk that he promotes.

          It’s just fishy if you keep getting emails stating that there is yet another Loophole found, to beat Google…

          • @Remco,

            Ryan certainly isn’t afraid to promote hard to his list. I know how it is. I’m on his list, too.

            But despite all my information dieting, I stay on his list. The reason why is that I know he tests a ton of things to see what really works.

            The internet changes so fast, it’s hard to keep up. I’ve always been able to depend on Ryan to let me know when there is something new to pay attention to. And his courses are usually very reasonably priced.

  4. I’m going to do screen capture videos on YouTube. I wonder though about the multiple YouTube accounts optimized for each keyword. That seems, well, how you gonna track all that? If I have 25 longtails, are you going to long in, track and answer people’s questions across 25 accounts? Part of what makes YouTube powerful is that you can connect better with your prospects.

    I look forward to figuring out how to get them from YouTube onto my landing page and ultimately onto my “money list.”

    I just found this mobile WordPress plug-in that automatically detects and configures your WordPress blog for visitors coming to your Web site via mobile device:

    Concerning Jeff’s comment the mobile video did feel like snake oil to me. I think it may just be a personality thing. (Honestly John Jonas feels that way as well.) I know they’re probably running viable legitimate businesses, and the information they present is solid, but some people come off as snake oilers. I think that personality just doesn’t fit well here.

    • I wouldn’t want you to miss out on something useful cause someone ‘seems’ shady when they have trustworthy people saying they are not!

      Thanks for the plugin recommendation!

      • Yeah, I see what you’re saying. and, I really believe that these guy have great value, especially Jonas’ virtual assistant approach helping us all get more stuff done. Honestly, Jonas has changed my whole way of thinking about business.

        I’ve noticed a divide the marketplace between hard sellers and soft sellers, not that one is more effective over the other. The hard sellers often get labeled as snake oilers even though they aren’t.

        • Actually, the hard sellers make about 10x more then we do. At least the ones that know a bit about their business. We attract those that don’t like the hard sell so much, but the hard outsells to the general market over and over again.