IBM 113 | 7 Internet Marketing Habits to Make 2011 the Best Year Ever

Internet Business Mastery, we discuss 7 Internet Marketing Habits to Make 2011 the Best Year Ever. And in the Quick Tip We have a great tool for tracking progress with your time and habits.

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  1. What habits do you plan to put in place to make this year the best year ever?

  2. I will adopt the habit of leaving more comments on blogs in 2011. At least 3 a day.

    Thanks for a great show, and a great resource.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Love this episode (and the last one) – my habits to create this year include tracking my time better, just in time learning, and better self-accountability.

    • Sounds great! We are actually working on a time management/super productivity course right now. I have to remember to add a bit on just in time learning, since we talk about and do that in our lives so much…

  4. Tracking my time, just-in-time learning, and learning and implementing business fundamentals are my focus points for 2011.

    I particularly liked the bit about focusing on the things that will bring you more money. I like how you guys give this overarching view of how all this works.

  5. 1. Time tracking (ruthlessly)
    2. Zero excuses – build a business with specific results (high Alexa rank, making $$$, etc.)
    3. Out of job into entrepreneurial mode.

    Two years of excuses is painful.

  6. Good program guys. 2 of the habits in particular resonated with me. Sceduling time each day to work on my business and content creation. So I decided I will work on the biz each morning 7 am-8:30 and use that time to create one bite-sized piece of content (article) each day. I just set up some dated folders so I have places to put each article as I finish them.

    Thanks again

  7. There’s something wrong with the mp3 URL. I couldn’t play or download the audio.

  8. The info was great. I always spend this time of year planning the next year. This helped me orgnaize my thoughts and put an action plan together. Thanks.

  9. 2011 is the year I offer a big ticket Accelerator for Success program. We’ve been trapped by the ease of offering a $97 DVD set for too long. My commitment has been stated… so shall it be done. :-)

  10. I just discovered your podcast last night, and listened to my first episode — #113, the Seven Habits podcast. My biggest relief: realizing “it’s not just me.” I thought I was the only one that had difficulty getting traction as I launch my internet business. Each of the seven points was a motivating gem for me, and is already, this morning, helping me be more focused on the right stuff. Thanks very much and I can’t wait to listen to many more episodes — I have a lot of catching up to do.
    This comment is actually a fulfillment of one of your challenges — reaching out to a new or existing partner each day. Even though it is kind of a one way street, I am adopting you as today’s new partner. I have created a task to look into your Academy, and intend to use all your insight and instruction as though you were looking over my shoulder.
    Hopefully I will be able to give something back before too long . . .
    Thanks again.

    • Hi Mark,

      I’m so glad you found our show and that it was helpful.

      I know how that feels to finally realize you are not alone. I distinctly remember getting that when I attended my first mastermind meeting years ago.

      Welcome to the community!

  11. You guys are great! I listened to this video about 3 weeks ago I think. One of the take-aways for me was to set up a time every day to write content. I did this and it worked great! I know have about 25 “articles/chapters” of content and am really looking forward to my little sessions every morning.