IBM 112 | How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination and Finally Take Action

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we discuss How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination and Finally Take Action. And in the Quick Tip We reveal some really good FREE content from our most recent top mentor.

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  1. So, what is your most used way of procrastinating and how have you overcome it?

  2. I just found your website and I have to say the content is killer.
    My biggest question is “How do you get your podcast to sound so clear in this dual speaker/interview environment?”

    Are you guys in a studio space together or are you in seperate locations?
    If separate, how are you connecting? Telephone, Skype, etc.?

    I know you have the acedemy which probably covers this but Im only 13 and I don;t have the money; I’m just getting started. I’m an ok writer but I really want to break into podcasting.

    Any tips you could offer would be mucho appreciated.
    Thanks – you guys rock!

    • Hi Zak,

      Here is how we do it. We call each other on Skype so each of us can hear the other talking. We do a quick countdown “3 2 1 mark” and then both of us hit record on our computer at the same time. I only record myself, and Sterling only records himself. Then our editor syncs the two files together. Then it sounds like we are in the same room. This is called a double-ender.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Wow, that’s completely brilliant! A double-ender?? So THAT’S how the pros do it! LOL

  4. Some great advice, one thing I use a lot to conquer procrastination is something called “microbursts”

    A microburst is simply any short activity (such as emptying the dishwasher) that you can do in a few minutes, but the idea is that you use it to gain momentum.

    It comes back to what you said about starting, although I find that starting something unrelated (as a lead in) to whatever I want to do often works – as momentum is often blind.

    For example, if I need to write 4 articles for the day, I might have resistance towards sitting down and typing.

    So what I’ll do is start something totally unrelated, such as emptying the bins and use the momentum from that as a lead in to starting to write the articles.

    Is nearly always works for me.

    Joe Cray

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that as a theory, thought, now that I think of it. I do it sometimes! I’m going to be more conscious about it from now on!

    • Joe,

      This strategy works really well for me, too. I never had a good name for it, but now I do. Microbursts — I dig it.

    • I think this idea is genius.

      I made an indirect realization for this in fitness. What I realized is that when you are in your house and just thinking about going to train, you really don’t want to. That’s because your energy is not flowing, it’s rather mellow, however if you just get outside and start on your warmup your energy increases and so does your motivation. I’ve found that it takes about 10-15 minutes of warmup to start feeling psyched for working out, because that’s what it takes to get the blood flowing through your veins and now you FEEL it. It’s pretty easy to jump into the hard training that you were once resisting in the comforts of your home only thinking about!

      I like that idea “momentum is blind”. I think it has to do with feeling. Do anything you can to get the feeling then once you have it, BOOM you can channel it towards anything you want to accomplish.

      Seriously you have cracked the code on this one. There is a quote from Sachi & Sachi that says, “Reason leads to conclusions. Emotion leads to action.” So get that feeling and you will take action.

      I like to think of willpower in the sense that it is to FORCE you to do something, this approach eventually tires you out, you only have so much willpower. It is useful in demanding situations, but if you are to live your life feeling great, learn how to get good feelings so you WANT to take action. I think in that sense, use “microbursts”

  5. Thanks for some great ideas guys!

    Just in time learning and getting rid of multitasking are definitely some things I’ll put to use right away.

    For me the next action strategy has worked really well, especially when breaking the actions down into the tiniest chunks possible. For example: for writing, start by summarizing the text with one word, then summarize each paragraph in one word, then extend to one sentence and so on until the piece is done.

    Also, I keep reminding myself that however perfect and awesome an idea may be in your head it will have no value whatsoever to anyone if you do nothing with it. Asking yourself “how can this be of value for others?” helps that little critical voice in your head to quiet down.

    Thanks for a great site!

    – Jenny

    • That plan sounds great!

    • Jenny,

      Also, I keep reminding myself that however perfect and awesome an idea may be in your head it will have no value whatsoever to anyone if you do nothing with it. Asking yourself “how can this be of value for others?” helps that little critical voice in your head to quiet down.

      That’s an awesome strategy. I actually do that myself as well. I can get really critical of my work. Picturing someone benefiting from the info, even if it isn’t 100% perfectly put together, really helps me as well.

  6. Okay, you guilted me into doing stretches for my tibial rehabilitation. Some good strategies in the podcast too! :)

  7. I am a real estate agent who currently uses point2agent and Active Rain for my blogging. Is it better to blog from these websites are create my own blogging channel and website?

  8. To overcome procrastination I’m starting to take a step back and look at the why I’m doing what I’m doing (or not doing)…

    If I’m procrastinating, it’s typically because I’ve lost sight of the reasons behind what I’m doing, and my work-life has morphed into a meaningless mountain of to-do’s.

    Sometimes just by re-connecting with the meaning behind my work, I start to feel inspired by my work again, and when that happens, I’ll start to get back on track with moving forward again….

    That being said, looking forward to listening to the podcast now!


  9. Phil Clark says:

    I guess everyone has done the procrastination jokes huh?

    Avoiding this and taking focussed action is a big thing for me – when I do get moving I start multi-tasking (which is a myth, there is no such thing!)

    2011 is going to be my year and only getting off my backside and taking the next action will get me to work!

    More great content guys, my customers in 2011 are going to love you…