IBM 109 | Answers to Your Questions about Online Business

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, We Answer Your Questions about Online Business. And in the Quick Tip we share a video hosting service that we now use for sales videos to get dependable streaming, great stats and even iPhone compatibility.

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  1. Do you have any questions that you would like us to answer on the NEXT Q&A?!

  2. Hi guys!

    Really liked this episode – especially the part about making sure you just stick to you one idea and put all your efforts into it . . .

    I think so many of us fall into that trap (of getting distracted by new ideas). We quit an idea just before it’s about to break through the pain barrier and give us a great return.

  3. I like the audience determine the product idea, although it isn’t always easy to listen to them.

    • It’s funny how that works. It’s the audience that becomes customers and listening to them seems like combination to the wealth vault, using simple logic, but when we asked about the original academy membership they didn’t want some of the stuff we wanted to make, so we made it anyway. When we surveyed them later, the stuff we did cause we wanted to do it was ranked as the lowest thing they valued in the site. Now we simply listen to the customer, period. Why do the extra work and do something the buyer isn’t interested in? Just a lesson to learn…