IBM 105 | How to Launch a Traffic Attracting Website Fast

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we talk about How to Launch a Traffic Attracting Website Fast.  And in the Quick Tip we reveal a online tool for checking if your desired business name is available across all major sites and social networks.

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  • IBM 105 | How to Launch a Traffic Attracting Website Fast


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  1. Thanks for the great info again, Man you guys are always on top of the game. I have been a wed designer for 10 years and worked with wordpress sine it came out and I even learned a ton from you guys on how to build a successful online business. I have been working hard to build my site ( and starting to see great results following your system. thanks again your guys are amazing! I look forward to shaking your hand some day very soon.

  2. The courses would be pretty helpful. Hopefully there are hard and fast rules to getting traffic into your website.

  3. Hey guys – thanks for the mention on the show! Enjoyed the episode – seems like you guys have been stepping up the content creation with the podcast and now the blog posts. They’ve been great – thanks!

  4. winsnorthbrom says:

    “Hopefully there are hard and fast rules to getting traffic into your website.”
    Are you sure that this is so?

  5. shocked you mentioned 99designs. Your actually hurting full time designers using this site:
    – out of the 80 only 1 got paid, and others lost hours of work
    – Many of this are done at a very short time, since their is no guarantee they will get paid. Do you want your companies logo to represent 2 hours of work with no real thought into your company?
    – Young designers probably 15-25 years of age did your logo.
    – Is your log copying another? who knows. 99design sure doesn’t know. It’s up to you to know that, and not the content logos.

    • I’m about the free market and if you are in commodity business then you have to compete. If someone can do a great job for a bit less, why on earth would I not use them? I also don’t ever suggest being in a commodity business…

      I’d love to see the evidence of those statistical claims, for sure.

      I give detailed work orders and put the bulk of the thought into a logo or design myself and usually the person that wins is the one that builds upon and adds to my design request. I’ve really loved the stuff that has been designed for me there.

      I don’t care one bit the age of a designer and why would I? If they did the best job by following my instructions and adding a creative flair that does what I want the logo to do, then they could be 5 years old for all I care. I don’t age discriminate on creativity!

      You cannot know if a old, high paid designer copied the general design (or the entire design) from someone else.

  6. Good podcast guys. Particularly liked the “case study” at the end. I’m still currently working on my free incentive but will definitely keep in mind the lessons from this talk.

  7. Kelsey says:

    Great stuff guys! Any recommendations as to transcription service companies?

  8. I love your stuff guys, but I’ve got to admit, this one was disappointing. I don’t mind it being filled with affiliate links, if it delivers what’s promised. What exactly is it about a basic WordPress blog with nothing more than an affiliates template, that you feel makes it “traffic attracting”? I’ve had dozens of sites following this formula that attracted no traffic.

    The only mention of anything to help make the website attract more traffic seems to be the straight suggestion to pay for the Academy. Once again, I have no qualms with you promoting the academy, but there wasn’t *any* info on making the website “traffic attracting” beyond this plug that I could tell.

    Did I miss something?

    If this session had just been called “How to put up a great looking site fast” or similar it would have lived up to it’s claims considerably better.