IBM 101 | Interview with Social Media Traffic Master, Don Crowther

In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we interview Social Media Traffic Master, Don Crowther.. And in the Quick Tip, we share a tool that we use on a daily basis to outline content, plan our strategy and raise our productivity.

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Items mentioned in the episode:

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  1. Hey Guys.
    Great episode. Love the Twitter tip at the end. Im definately going to be using that.
    Keep it up.


  2. Couldn’t come at a better time guys. I’m promoting the “Ultimate Home Recording Bootcamp” for Musicians and need to target Social Networks. Thanks for a great episode as always.

    David Wills

  3. Great episode guys (as usual). Like David, the timing of this advice is perfect for me because I’m working on a Twitter marketing software that does almost exactly what Don was referring to in terms of delivering Tweets on autopilot in a way that enhances a businesses brand.

  4. Morning all (UK time!),

    Only just been able to listen to this episode – what an excellent interview.

    Well done for getting Don on board. He shared some excellent information.


  5. So_Cal_Rachel says:

    Thanks for another wonderfully helpful show, you guys! BTW I have also found XMind to be a great free mind-mapping software.

  6. There is another mind mapping site called Mindomo. Very-very powerfull thing. Check it out.