How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool Starting Immediately Pt 2

TwitterIn the last installment of this series, we talked about how to start your own Twitter account and attract followers. In this installment we’ll talk about what kinds of messages you should post to Twitter for maximum promotional benefit.

The first thing we want to point out is that, although you can post links and direct market a little through Twitter, the best use for it is to connect with your best customers and get them to interact with you. If you develop a strong connection and relationship with them, your marketing gets a lot easier…and more fun! If you are to self-promotional, you scare all of your Twitter followers away.

The audience that you reach with your email newsletter and the audience you reach with Twitter are different. Your email subscribers are *interested* in what you do and the value that you provide. Your Twitter followers are *enthralled * with YOU.

This enthrallment is several degrees above interest. It’s very powerful. One of your goals as a marketer should be to identify the people who are enthralled with you and turn them in repeat buyers and evangelizers for your brand. Your Twitter followers have, in essence, identified themselves as enthralled.  They are hungry for any information about you.  Think of it as letting them behind to curtain a bit.  We decided what we will let them know and what is private before we started.

Use your tweets (yes, that is what a twitter post is called) to give them a glimpse into your life. Tell them the story of your life. Stories are very powerful, even far above any “resume” credibility that you have. When people connect with your story, they are very open to accept what you say and the products you offer. Let’s look at a couple examples.

On Internet Business Mastery, we talk a lot about designing your lifestyle-choose what you want your life to look like and then make your business and pursuits match that.

We both focus on different type of lifestyle.  Jay is more the world traveler and Sterling is more about where he lives with his kids and family, so we play to those things.

Jay moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina a while back. He alluded to this in his Twitter stream and immediately got a response of fascination. Not only that, it really raised the credibility we had since this was a powerful example of having a business that allowed for choosing a lifestyle of location independence. People now rabidly follow the saga of his travels.

Our niche and community dream about the day they have freedom over their time.  So, Sterling tells about being able to watch his daughters play in the middle of the day or take off to the beach in the middle of the week.

We also will give business tips or even just tell about what we are working on, but mostly it is about us as people.

Use your tweets to give your followers a glimpse into who you are and how you do what you do. Use it to build your “mystique.”

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  1. Cool post guys – I like your idea of building ‘mystique’ that’s an angle I wouldn’t have thought of. Most people either post links and product updates etc. or complete durge that’s of no interest. The idea of using Twitter to really connect and get people interested in YOU rather than your content is awesome.

    Now maybe I’m just a cynical Brit Jay, but I thought you were planning on staying in Argentina for longer… you didn’t go just to get some social proof now did you? ;)

  2. Hmm this is really good idea of doing conversational marketing through social networking website. in my experience this type of marketing really works as people tends to take reviews before buying any product or service.

    anyways keep me posted for any updates on this kind of marketing. I have given my email address here.

    thank you,