How Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool Starting Immediately Pt 1

Despite (or perhaps due to) its simplicity, Twitter has become a powerful tool for developing relationships with friends, colleagues and even customers. In the age of social media, relationship building is an essential ingredient for successful marketing.

Think of Twitter as a mini-blog. The fundamental use is to post what you’re doing at any given time, although the kinds of things posted to Twitter vary widely. We often post thoughts or things that grab our attention.

Each post is 144 characters or less. You can post from your computer, instant messaging or mobile phone text messages (hence the 144 character limit).

If this still seems a bit muddy, feel free to check out and to see our posts.

People can follow your Twitter posts. Your “followers” automatically get your updates on the web, to their cell phone or by RSS depending on their settings.

In this two-part series we’ll show how you can start using Twitter immediately in your marketing mix.

1. Go to and click on Get Started-Join.

2. Select your username and fill in the other requested info.

3. You can have Twitter search your email contact list for friends/colleagues that are already using Twitter. This is a great way to get started following people.

4. Click on the settings link. It’s important to fill in your URL, short bio and location. This helps people find you and decide whether to follow you. Make your bio gripping like a tagline. Also, the URL is hot-linked giving you an additional inbound link to your site.

5. Click on the Picture tab and add a photo. This helps people recognize your posts.

6. Consider adding a custom background image to your Twitter page that tells more about who you are. You can do this by going to Settings > Design. Jay uses his business card designs. An image 300 pixels wide is the max you should use.

7. Tell your email list, blog readers, podcast listeners, site visitors, etc about your Twitter page/feed. Your Twitter page is

NOTE: Your Twitter feed will be attractive to your hyper-followers/fans. These are the ones that want an inside glimpse at what you do. Use your posts to build relationships with these people and turn them into evangelizers for your brand.

8. Search for people that you want to connect with. Click the Follow button to get their updates. Look at who they are following for my ideas of who you can follow. Every time you follow someone, they get an email notifying them. They may follow you in turn.

TIP: Don’t follow too many people at first. This makes it look like you are blatantly trying to get followers. It can backfire.

In the next installment, we’ll talk about what to post to get maximum promotion and relationship-building benefit. We’ll also share some of the other creative uses that we’ve found for Twitter.


  1. Aloha,

    I appreciate the great work you guys are doing. Twitter will be my next stop after this. I’ve been listening to your podcasts since they started and have found loads of great and useful information in them.
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    Keep up the great work. It has definitely inspired me.


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  2. Not to mention if you follow a ton of people, it’s hard to keep track of what anyone is doing.

    Let the world follow you, but pick the people you want to stalk wisely. Yeah, that should be a bumper sticker. :P

  3. Useful post guys. I know you’ve been talking about Twitter for ages on the podcast but I have to admit, I’ve only just registered… hate to admit it but I just didn’t believe it would be any good! (Should never have doubted you!)

    Anyway all I can say is first impressions are that it really is a useful tool and has already (in less than 2 weeks) brought me new visitors to my sites, and I’ve picked up a couple of VERY useful tips from other Tweeters (if that’s what you call them?).

    If like me you use WordPress you can find a great Twitter tool here:

    And there is also a Facebook App now for Twitter although I’ve not tried it myself yet – but probably worth a look!

  4. Jason,
    I also have begun using twitter. Question for you – how did you “customize” the left hand side of your twitter site? Is this custom development or are there resources you could point me to brand my twitter. I have uploaded an image but would like to do more. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again for all the valuable content!


  5. @aroney,

    Check this site out: