How-to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA), PART 2 of 2

To read part 1 please go to: How-to Hire a Virtual Assistant (VA), PART 1 of 2

D. Post your job.

Signup for the which is $49 a month last time I checked. They pre-qualify employees at this site. You can also find good people at which is free  but you will need to be cautious of your interviewing. You can track your VA using Google Groups and Google Docs. If you use then I recommend gathering emails from each VA candidate and sending out a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) email to all of them with your job posting. If you use Craig’s List just post the job and people will email you. Be sure to only except resumes from the Philippines because you want hire people directly and not through an outsourcing company from another country.

E. Items to consider during the interview process.

1. Remember the VA you’re interviewing is a normal person like you looking to make a decent living. Treat them with the same respect you expect people to treat you with.

2. Develop a time line for steps A through E. This will ensure you get through the hiringprocess faster.  The VA Hiring Checklist will help you through this process.

3. Full time VAs will give you a 100% of their attention. The part time VAs will take much longer to implement your tasks because they have multiple employers. If you hire a part time VA be flexible with the delivery dates.

4. If you cannot afford a full time experienced VA consider sharing the VA with someone else who you know or even a group of people. You can use Google Excel Docs with tabs to define what the tasks the VA will work on for each person in the group.

5. If you want your technology requirements fulfilled in the shortest time frame then you will need to hire a VA with three or more years of experience. You can expect the starting pay to begin at $500 per month. Junior VA starting salaries are around $250 to $300 per month. Junior VA will not implement your technology requirements as fast as someone with three years experience.

6. If your VA’s salary requirements seem a bit too high. Ask them to start at a lower rate and as they prove their abilities you can increase their pay in the following months.

7. Create an email rule that funnels all your correspondence to one folder for easier organization. This way you can keep track of who you are speaking with in one area. You can do this by telling your email client to route all emails with the initial subject line of the job post you sent out.

8. You may want to create an Excel sheet with the VA candidates that you are interested in. This way you will have all your notes for each VA in one place.

9. If a potential candidate has every technology under the sun listed in their skills set do not interview them. Look at the Job experience and ask them what technologies they used at each of their employment listings. Ask the VA to rate the skill set for the technology you are looking for on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the best. If the candidate rates them self highly for the skills set you are looking for ask them if they are will to prove it. The test will be contingent upon their hiring.

10. During your initial email correspondence with your VA candidate see how quickly they respond and how clear their writing is. If you think the VA’s email response times are slow during the interview process then you may want to move on to the next candidate because it will not be any better after you hire them.

11. If you have trouble understanding their writing then you may also want to move to the

12. Consider having a Skype interview to speed up the process. Then you can get a good feel for the potential candidate.

13. Do not waste time interviewing. If you see any red flags in your opinion move on to the

14. After you have decided on the VA you are going to hire. Ask them what holidays they will be taking off. I would expect at least 5 to 7 per year.

15. After you hire a VA send an email out the other VA candidates telling them that the position has been filled. Tell them you appreciate them taking the time to speak with you.  Then ask them to stay in touch.

16. Typically you will go through 3 to 4 people for every permanent hire. Clearly define your expectations, define your hiring funnel and set a timeline for hiring completion. Don’t waste time in any step of the process. Move quickly through it and you will end up having an excellent VA working for you.

VA Hiring Checklist:

Now that you have defined your expectations, created your job post, setup your test environment and read through hiring considerations you’re ready to begin looking for a VA. Now post your employment opportunity and follow the VA Hiring Checklist.

1. Do they have the experience I’m looking for on their resume?

2. How quick is their email correspondence?

3. Is their writing clear?

4. On scale of 1 to 10 how strong are their skills for each technology?

5. Are they willing to take a test that is contingent on their hiring? If so give them your test that you have already setup.

6. Are you satisfied with the results of the test project?

7. Are you happy with the time frame in which the project was completed?

8. Do their salary requirements fit the scope of what you are willing to pay.

9. If you are happy with the results of questions 1 through 8 then you have found yourself a VA that fits your needs.

Tom Sasnauskas,