How to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas

Sometimes, I don’t feel like writing blog posts.

When I really think about it, it’s not because I don’t like writing, because I do like writing. I feel like I have a lot to say.

My problem is that sometimes I just don’t have any good ideas for blog posts.

I was listening to Brian Clark’s radio show in our truck on the way to an RV camp site in Wyoming a few weeks ago and he said that this is the number one thing people complain about to him.

So I didn’t feel so bad because it seems like I’m not alone.

I’ll bet that Jay and Sterling sometimes have a hard time thinking of blog posts too. I’ve been blogging for almost three months…but they’ve been blogging for over five years, so I can’t imagine thinking of stuff to blog about for that long. (Maybe that’s why they asked me to guest blog for them).

Anyway, one of the fun things about having a blog is that you can help lots of people and that’s what I like about blogging.

So today, I am going to give you some ideas on how you can think of blog posts for your blog. Since I am 9, maybe this might help you. I have heard adults say that the more you think like a kid sometimes, the more creative you will be.

I hope that’s the case here.

Think About What Frustrates You Most About Your Blog

This is kind of funny because my first tip is for you to think of what frustrates you most in your blog, even though I’m writing about the biggest thing that frustrates me on my blog!

If you are frustrated by it and you like the people who read your blog, chances are that is the biggest thing that frustrates YOUR readers!

Say you have a blog on cooking (I like this example because I like to cook too!) And the biggest problem you have when cooking, is thinking of what to cook.

Well, how do you figure out what to cook?

Write a blog post on that: what you do to find ideas, what gets you to cook what you cook, what you do when you’re shopping in the grocery store, etc.

You could do “10 Proven Ways to Think of Stuff to Cook” for example.

New blog post - done!

Watch Videos on YouTube Related to Your Blog

I really like YouTube. I have to get permission to watch it, but when I do watch it, I get ideas for all kinds of stuff including blog posts.

Same thing on this one, jut put “cooking” into the search box on YouTube and you’ll see all kinds of videos on that subject.

The more views a video gets, the more popular it is too! So that means lots of people will be interested in this subject if you write about it.

Can you believe that one of the most watched videos on YouTube is “Charlie bit my finger” with 369 million views!

People watch funny things on YouTube so there are plenty of ideas there for you on your subject.

Re-read Your Blog Post Comments

When you read your blog post comments, what people say will give you ideas for blog posts.

In my most popular blog post on my family’s RV blog, there were lots of comments on how much people want to know how to do blog posts.

I could do another post on other parts of doing a blog post that I didn’t cover all that well in that blog post and do a whole new blog post on that!

Do a How To Video (then post on YouTube)

If you do a video then people really like that because they see what to do and not just read it. It helps if you make it kind of funny too. We have done that a lot on our blog to show people how to do things in their RV.

Like this one on How to Operate a Slideout in a 5th Wheel RV

It wasn’t my most popular blog post but a lot of people have liked it, especially kids!

Maybe in your cooking blog you know how to crack an egg with one hand. I can’t do this so this would be cool to see.

You could have someone video you cracking the egg with one hand and there is a new blog post!

Do a Blog Post on How Much Something Costs

I got this idea from Pat Flynn, but in the reverse. He tells people how much money he makes in his blog. I do a blog post every month that tells people how much it costs to RV full time.

For a while, this was our most popular post. I keep a log of how much we spend on stuff every month and people love to know this!

We are RVing full time cross country for one year and people who are interested in doing the same thing probably want to know how much money it will cost them in gas, RV parks, food and attractions.

I am supposed to write a blog post on how much we spend RVing full time every month. I haven’t done it yet for this month because it is really boring to write. But I know it is helpful for people so I write it anyway.

So if you are writing a blog on cooking, you could talk about how much all the cooking tools you have cost and which ones you recommend!

Make a Part 2 of Your Most Popular Blog Post

A very easy way to write a quick blog post is do part 2 of your most popular blog post, like "How to Write Blog Posts When RVing Full Time, Part 2" for example.

If it was popular and useful the first time, chances are if you can think of more stuff for the second one, then this one will be popular too.

Don’t Write Everything in One Blog Post

When you think of an idea and maybe it’s a real good one, split it into parts. This works especially well if your blog post is really long. Sometimes when you think of a good idea for a blog post, you write down a lot of ideas, but when you start writing the blog post, it’s too long.

So split it up. You can then do two or maybe even three blog posts from that one idea. You could also make it into a series if you wanted to.

That way, you can send out new blog posts that are shorter. Most people like to read short blog posts because they can’t pay attention for that long. I have that problem sometimes.

But this way you will have other blog posts you can do later on!

Do Lots of Stuff Not Related To Your Blog

When you do things and see things outside of your blog’s area of interest, you get ideas. I learned when we went to the Henry Ford Museum that Henry Ford thought of the idea for mass production by going to visit a sausage factory.

I’ve never been to a sausage factory but my Dad says it’s really gross and smelly.

Henry Ford didn’t think so. He got a great idea for his factory when he went there. Because of him we are all driving cars and not horses (although I love horseback riding).

When you go to other places and see things not related to your blog, you should be observant and write down notes on what you see. You can then use these as ideas for future blog posts.

Drink A Root Beer

Sometimes, when I'm really stuck for a good blog post, I ask my mom and dad for a root beer. For some reason, it helps me think of stuff to write about. It might be the sugar or the sarsaparilla, but whatever it is it helps me be more creative.

My mom told me that Ernest Hemingway did this to think of ideas. I have never read any of his books, but someday I will.

If you take a break and get away from your iPad or computer and go to a place where they serve root beer, you come back to writing fresh and with new ideas. I did this when I was writing this blog post here. Halfway through writing it, I ran out of ideas.

I then had a root beer and now I am done!

So that is my list for how to get ideas for blog posts.

I hope this helps you. Please let me know your ideas for how you think of blog posts below in the comment section. I would like to read them to get new ideas from you!

Also you can visit me at Thanks!

Eli Sorenti-Burns is a 9 year old writer, illustrator, blogger, LEGO master and Plants vs. Zombies expert who is traveling cross country living in an RV full time. He blogs frequently on his experiences while traveling the USA and Canada in an RV, as well as provides tips on blogging for both kids and adults. You can see both Eli’s blog posts as well as his family’s travel blog at:


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  1. Keep it up Eli! You’ve got a 25 year head start. There’s a good chance you’ll have a very free and happy lifestyle. I hope to see more of your stuff soon. It’s an inspiration!

  2. Thanks Eli! It’s a great post and we are glad you wrote it for us!

  3. Thank you Justin and Sterling for your nice words. I appreciate your comments and I hope to be a successful internet businessman like you someday Sterling! Eli

    • Your being able to create content at 9 and the self assured nature to suggest you create content for other successful businesses is a fantastic start and just the attributes you’ll need!

      • Thanks Sterling!I want to let you know that if you write a blog post on famous bloggers and Brian Clark tweets it, its alot of work to respond to all those comments! I think you have a very succesful blog that I love to read and it has helped me alot in my blogging career (its only 9 months long though) thank you! eli

  4. Great post guys. Although I am never short of ideas on writing blog posts, I tend to get bored after 1-2 hours and then it becomes a challenge but then you look at someone like Pat Flynn who reportedly spends 6-8 hours writing a single post!

    Patience is definitely my theme for 2012:)

  5. I haven’t either. I just want to get it done and then go build legos! Eli

  6. Great post Eli.

    Very inspirational and you are wise beyond your years. Believe it or not grabbing a Dr. Pepper from the fridge is my go-to writers block solution. ;-)

    Keep it up buddy.


    • Eli's dad says:

      Hey Austin, just filling in for big E as he’s gone to bed and has school tomorrow.

      His drink of choice now is ginger ale and root beer mix, pretty nasty but it works for him.

      I prefer other sorts of ales and beers however….


  7. Nine??! Geez….I’ve read worse from much more ‘seasoned’ bloggers. Nicely done. As someone who is constantly looking for new blogging topics, I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of watching some YouTube videos on a subject, or on my business. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Hi Eli,

    I am truly impressed with you. You really gave some great ideas on how to find those ideas. And just I wanted to say that you’re a great writer. If I hadn’t red the sentence where you said “since I am 9” and seen your bio at the bottom of the post I wouldn’t believe it.

    You sure you’re nine?

  9. I am pretty sure I am nine. I try real hard to get better at blog posting. I am working on a new blog on one of my favorite subjects: plants vs zombies, which I think Jay likes too! Its much easier to blog post on that because I like it alot. And any time I play, in exchange, my Dad makes me write a post about what I did. Thank you for your nice words, Mitja!

  10. Hi Jason, my dad said you talked about it once a long time ago. Im a big fan! Have you gotten to the Zen garden yet? Eli

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