How To Get Great Guests For Your Podcast!

Knowing your message is being heard by people across the Internet is a thrilling experience and podcasting is a tremendously effective way of communicating and getting your message out. But, what's even more fun than podcasting alone is to have other people on your show to podcast with! Having guests with other viewpoints and input into your show can turn it from a possibly bland, one-sided affair to a dynamic, interesting, and enjoyable experience for your listeners.

In fact, getting guests is one of the best things you can do as a podcaster for several reasons which I will cover. But a lot of podcasters don't know where to start in getting amazing guests and the best techniques in doing so. So, below is a video from my "How To Podcast Like A Pro" video series that covers the topic of getting guests, the reasons for doing so, and the techniques involved. In fact, this video gives away my most protected and cherished secret of how I get great guests for my shows. This was actually the first time I publicly announced this secret to my peers.

Note from Jay: Interviewing is one of my favorite ways to get a new show off the ground. The following video is not publicly available. Steve kindly provided it for our followers to enjoy. Whether you are doing blogs, audio or video, you can apply this strategy to take your content and traffic to a new level.

I hope you enjoyed that video and it helped you.

Thanks, and good luck podcasting!


Steve Cherubino is the founder of the Podnutz - Tech Podcast Network and creator of a great video series on podcasting at He has been podcasting for about 4 years now and has built up his podcast network to a highly respected and authoritative site on technology and computer repair.


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  1. Absolutely true. I’ve done over 60 podcast episodes, but about two weeks ago I started asking for interviews. I’ve asked some of the most well known people in my industry and I’m probably getting a “Yes” on 80% of the emails. Nothing but a brief note that says, “Can I interview you at ____ on ____?”, a brief intro to who I am, and a link to a sample piece of work. Awesome.

  2. Just got hold of the podcast with Dane. Love it! I just started a sports performance company and it has opened my eyes on how to make money without actually being there. For a coach the hours are tremendous so this is very important. Thanks for getting us this info. This was helpful.

  3. Brooks,

    Sure thing! Glad you found it helpful.