How to Become a Customer Magnet Pt 1

How can you connect with new visitors to your site quickly and powerfully?

How can you keep them sticking around for the long-term in order to have more of an impact in their lives AND make more money?

In this video I talk about:

  • The “Audience Avatar” method for instantly turning visitors into loyal followers and followers into customers
  • 3 questions that will turn you into a marketing master
  • An inside look at the exact mindmap tool we use to read the mind of our market
  • How to find the true needs and wants of your audience — the ones they are willing to pay for

Download the video here

Watch Part 2 HERE


  1. Thanks for posting this Jason, very helpful stuff indeed.

  2. Great video, I’ll definitely add those questions to my very first newsletter, that’s going out tomorrow!

  3. Perfect timing. These three questions are perfect. Thank you so much for this video.

  4. Jason, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you this weekend at #iplive2013. Your integrity and passion for helping your customers comes through in all aspects of your business. I so appreciate this video, because it gives me my next steps for “Just in time learning.” :)