How to Become a Customer Magnet Pt 2

In part two of the customer magnet video series, we talk about the exact things you need to say to turn a visitor into a subscriber and a subscriber into a buyer.

Most marketers don’t realize that you need to connect with your visitors on four levels. Miss just one of the four, and you lose them forever.

Let’s take a look at how to use the four levels of conversation to reach more people and make more money.

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Watch Part 1 HERE


  1. Will R. says:

    Jason –

    Fantastic informatoin! Thanks for helping us get the edge when it comes to marketing and our customer base. I’m still in the process of narrowing down my niche and avatar, but this is great stuff to keep in mind as I figure those things out. It will definitely help me drill down into the market I choose!

    • Will,

      Glad you find it helpful. This is such a critical piece of the process. Sadly most people teach you how to find a topic based on numbers alone. The problem is, it ignores the very thing that motivates people’s decisions — their emotions.

  2. Excellent content Jason. I love this video series. And oh my gosh dude, I love the chair turn! Seriously, put me in a great mood. I laughed so hard and thought “man I love this guy.” You guys are fantastic. I may be interested in coaching this summer.

  3. LOVE the video content. You guys have really stepped things up this year.

    About the chair turn, I think a few things were missing:
    1. A slight head tilt
    2. Finger over chin or lips
    3. A single, raised eyebrow


    – AG

  4. k. question: can you make it so the time bar is on the videos here? I space out and start thinking of something you said and then realize I need to listen to something again… but, you don’t have any “rewind” capabilities here – only start and stop. Can you change this for us? Thx

    • Rebecca,

      I contacted LeadPlayer about why you might not see the timeline bar. Is your Chrome updated to the latest? Also, can you try another browser and see if it works there?

  5. Thank you for the video! I am loving your facebook page, now getting ready to dig in to all the video content you have inside! Thank you,