You Have No Choice But To Go Mobile RIGHT NOW

Go Mobile Now

I have to break something to you.

It’s none of your business how, when, where and on what device your audience uses to connect with you.

Your audiences—your customers—have already chosen their mobile device.

In fact, they are begging you to go mobile.

Now, there are a lot of ways to give your customer a good mobile experience, and there are a few things you should be doing this year to take your mobile game to the next level.

The Fundamentals

I’m going to pick up where I left off last year, when we covered how you should be getting started with mobile. So if you haven’t taken the two steps below, you’ll want to check those out.

Getting Started With Mobile

  1. 3 easy steps to become mobile-friendly and
  2. Make sure your landing and conversion pages are mobile optimized

So what do your customers expect of you when it comes to a good mobile experience?

I’m going to share 3 things you should be doing this year to make your content more mobile friendly, but first, you need to understand how your customer digests your content.

Heidi Cohen (a popular marketer at discusses the four ways we consume content.

Let’s look at how mobile as impacted each of these methods of consumption.

Focused Use

This is where we are super focused on one task at hand (who does that anymore?) consuming the content we are giving our attention to.

A good example of this is reading books. Do you still read books?

For most of us, when we read a book we’re pretty focused on that and that alone. We aren’t trying to multi-task.

Readmills, an app maker that offers apps for you to download books onto your smart devices has reported that they now have more customers reading books from their smartphone vs. tablets.

Does that fascinate you as much as it does for me?

Tablets were born from e-readers, which were the first digital version of books…,Yet, their smaller counterpart (the mobile phone) is now taking over when it comes to how readers choose to consume books.

Dual Consumption

This is where we are using more than one device (most likely multi-tasking) because the activity from one device is not engaging enough to be doing it alone.

We’re all guilty of this, said by the guy who is sitting on his couch typing this on a laptop, while watching the Olympics while texting my friend.

A big myth about mobile users is that they are in a rush. That is actually far from the truth as 85% of smartphone usage happens at home while watching TV.

Mobile has gone from being the second screen to the first screen.

Time Shifting

This is where we save content for consumption at a later date.

Have you ever downloaded a movie to your tablet before you got on a plane?

Have you ever used an app like Instapaper or Pocket to save an article or a blog post for later? Heck, you might even be reading this post from within Instapaper or Pocket.

We now choose when and where we consume content, no matter when it was created. Just save it for later.

Pocket (formerly, read it later) reported that they have over 10 million articles being saved for later use each and every month.

Info Snacking

Lastly there is info snacking. This is where we consume content during otherwise wasted times.

Have you used your phone while waiting in line? Guilty.

While driving? Guilty.

While in the bathroom? Totally, guilty.

75% of Americans have reported to use their phone while on the toilet.

I know personally, that the bathroom has become one of, if not my favorite, place to consume content. Is that too much information? ;)

If you are picking up on the trend, mobile has impacted the four ways we consume content. Some might say its taken control of our consumption behaviors.

The trick to getting your content read by your mobile user in 2014, is all about creating snackable content.

Here are 3 ways to create and deliver snackable content

Use headlines, subheads, bullets and numbers.

Ever notice the content that you consume easily from your smartphone “chunks” the sections of the post by providing easy to read, scannable sub-headers, bullets and numbers?

Look at this example from medium.


Notice the usage of bold keywords; sub headers, quotes, bullets and numbers make digesting this content super easy.

You can go from one section to the next. It almost makes it easy to jump from section to section taking in the parts that are relevant to you.

Think of them as mile markers for your content.

You know you’re getting closer to the destination but don’t have to deeply engage with each one to get where you’re going.

Audio is the mobile O.G

Yup, I just said audio is the original gangster of mobile.

Remember, your mobile phone started as a phone. Shocking, I know. It makes calls still, even though you text more.

Audio is extremely mobile friendly.

Have you ever noticed Jeremy and Jason’s Audio Blog?

There is an audio version of this post at the top of the post if you didn’t notice.

It’s the same content but I’m just reading it to you.

Some people just prefer audio.

In fact, Jeremy and Jason shared some stats on their Audio Blog.

In May of 2013 they had a written post get 2,755 unique page views.

The same content delivered via audio, generated almost 28,000 unique downloads.

That’s over 916% increase in exposure just by making their written content, audio.

Deliver your content right to your customers phone

Remember how I mentioned we text more than we talk on our phone? Well, texting is actually very snackable and the best part it cuts through the clutter.

Over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. Try and name a marketing tactic as immediate as that. I dare you.

Think about how you can create snackable bits of content to help your audience then deliver it via text message or video message using a tool like MoGreet Express.

If you want an example, text MIXED to 585858 to opt-in to my mobile alerts program. (Msg&Data Rates May Apply).

Remember, text messaging is a permission-based channel, meaning your audience needs to opt-in. But once they are in, you have created one of the most immediate and personal connections with your customer that you can have.

A customer welcoming you onto their phone is better than them welcoming you over for dinner. Well, unless they are really good chef.

So look at your content and start to explore ways you can leverage even one of these tactics to make your content mobile, and connect in a more efficient way…the way your customer prefers.

About the Author

Greg Hickman is an online entrepreneur and mobile marketer helping small business owners generate leads and sales using mobile marketing. He is the author and host of the Mobile Mixed blog and Podcast at and the author of The SMS Marketing Handbook-a Step-by-step guide to getting results with SMS Text Message Marketing.


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  1. Great audio blog. Although I giggle at this as I zoom to read it on my iPhone.

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  2. John,

    We are currently interviewing designers! Coming up next (this summer)…mobile-friendly IBM!