Attention: If you’ve dreamed of having a freedom lifestyle, keep reading…

Finally...Everything You Need to Go From
Zero to Freedom, to Get Your Dream Lifestyle!

Give me the chance to show you how easy it is to replace your income with the freedom business of your dreams using my step by step system that’s been used by over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs.

Are you sick and tired of not having the freedom and income that comes with having your own lifestyle business?

Are you ready for an automatic online income that frees you to live life on your own terms?

Do you wish someone just gave you a clear, proven path for making consistent money online?

Becoming an online entrepreneur can be very frustrating.

I know I certainly was before I had my lifestyle business.

A lot of people make rookie mistakes, take bad advice from scam artists that have never really run a business before or they run off in many directions at once or have been caught in the "info gathering" stage for years, but guess what, it’s ok, that was the past.

It’s not your fault.

You didn’t have any of the real, step by step, insider secrets that were kept from you.

The big gurus usually just dole out pieces of the puzzle and have you focus on shiny and new, untested strategies so you’ll have more and more pain and need to keep buying their next course.

It’s no wonder you’re frustrated!

There hasn’t been a complete system...until now.

There’s a specific process to it…

There are steps to it...

And you’re about to learn those steps right now.  

Last year, my goal was to hit 10,000 students that have successfully gone through our training.

And guess what…

We did it!

We’ve helped 10,000 people get the freedom lifestyle business they so desperately wanted and deserved.

But it wasn’t a few minutes after the celebrating that something awful dawned on me.

It made me sick to my stomach…

I felt nauseous and excited all at the same time.

Helping 10,000 people wasn’t enough.

There’s still so many people that wake up every day dreading their job, feeling desperate to rely on their “guaranteed paycheck,” feeling unfulfilled in their lives, wishing they had control of their day, wishing they could get the freedom, fulfillment and automated income that comes with a freedom business.

So that’s when I realized that there were a lot of people being left behind.  

I didn’t want to play small anymore.

So I asked myself, “How do I help 100,000 people to have freedom businesses?”

So I started thinking…

I know that our courses are priced pretty high. They are priced that way cause they actually get results.

Anyways, our main course is $500.00, and it only goes up from there. Most of our other programs start at $2,000.00 and go up to even $6,000.00.

I also know that it was hard for people to invest in multiple courses, in order to complete their training to get their freedom business.  

So I decided to put all of our successful freedom business courses in ONE place and charge a low monthly price that anyone could afford!

Everyone that has the desire to have a freedom business should have the opportunity to have it!

And that’s when the Freedom Club was born!

It’s everything you need to go from zero to freedom!

This is every single super successful course that we have - in one place for one low monthly price!

Even if you’re going from...

- I don’t even know what niche to be in...

- I don’t know what products to sell...

- I don’t know how to build a website…

- I don’t even know where to start…

The Freedom Club has all the answers!

The Freedom Club has every single course that has every single step from the desire to have a freedom business to having all of it running and even upgrading it to how the big boys do it step by step - all of it.

You know, I can’t even list the number of obstacles I had to deal with in the beginning of my freedom business. Over the past 12 years, it has been one of my top goals to give you all of the answers and help prevent you from going through the pain of starting a freedom business from scratch - with no help, no training or guidance.

At the beginning, I remember thinking “Why is it so hard to create a freedom business” and “Why aren’t there more people who are showing people how to do this?”

I eventually learned something even more painful…

No one is really teaching how to get a freedom business because they don’t want the secrets to get out. They dole out little bits at a time making you have to buy the next course and then the next, like crack.

And I decided to put my foot down!

Not only did I figure out the secret sauce to getting a successful freedom business, I vowed to share this knowledge in a way that would help people easily get their own freedom businesses.

Now that the Freedom Club has every single course that we’ve created to help our students successfully get and grow their freedom businesses, it’s now - more than ever before - incredibly easy!

As of today, confusion, worry and the disbelief in actually having a freedom business can be gone!

It all starts right now.

Not only does the Freedom Club make it as easy as possible to get your Freedom Business, but we’ve designed it so you get results quickly.  We do this by showing you exactly what to do at each step, to help you see results fast!

Can you just imagine what it would be like to wake up every morning (without an alarm clock), and ease into your day - taking time to do the things that are the most enjoyable to you?

Imagine logging into your email and seeing all the notifications telling you how much money you made overnight.

Imagine working on new and exciting ideas that will give more value to your customers and bring in more income for you.

Or traveling the world, building your dream home, playing with your kids all day or whatever you feel like doing.

A life full of freedom, excitement, financial security and fulfillment are completely within your grasp!

Not only have we shown more than 10,000 students how to get their freedom businesses, but we’ve also taught and inspired many of today’s biggest experts including:

- Brian Moran of 10,000 Fans and
- Jaime Masters of Eventual Millionaire
- Chris Ducker of
- Cliff Ravenscraft of PodcastAnswerMan
- Greg Hickman of MobileMixed
- Mark Mason of Late Night Internet Marketing
- And of course Pat Flynn of
- And many others you’d know and recognize over many of the biggest markets...

You’ve probably heard of Pat’s site where every month he posts his internet income which now regularly surpasses $150,000 a month. A MONTH!

And he’s just one of the many successful students that got started with our system.

We’ve also had the longest running web site and podcast about how to get a freedom business.

It’s my mission to show you how to leverage online income in order to escape your day job!

The truth is, money is just a means to an end.

If you’re like me, you understand that money gives you the opportunity to live a freedom lifestyle full of fulfillment.

Money allows you to spend time with your families and really focus on the impact that we can make in the world.

This is why I got into the internet business market in the first place - to make a difference.

I can talk about business strategies and numbers all day, but at the end of the day, it really is about making your life more meaningful and enjoyable.

This is what sets me apart from the rest - I totally understand this and operate from this perspective every day.

Which is why I’m so focused on teaching and delivering the best, most efficient courses - to help people to live the ultimate freedom lifestyle!

I remember what it was like before I had a freedom business.

The “Sunday evening dread” was a huge part of my life. You know that feeling - you’ve just had a nice weekend, it’s Sunday night, and all you can think about is dreading going into work the next day.

I hated where I lived, but I HAD TO live there because of my profession. It'd take me 45 minutes to drive 13 miles to work each day. It was even worse going home.

I hated leaving my wife and 2 daughters everyday. I usually didn't see my daughters in the morning and I'd get home barely in time to put them to bed.

I realized I wasn’t getting to really be a part of my daughters’ lives. They’d have fun things going on each day and I'd be at work 10-12 hours a day. I felt no fulfillment in my job. I didn't feel like I was giving value to the world.

One day I realized I spent the entire day pretending that I wanted to be there, pretending that I cared what my manager said, pretending that I was happy to be doing the work. I'd fake excitement when my manager gave me a bit of extra work. I felt I had no choice but to do it in order to keep my job and MAYBE get a tiny raise once a year.

Did you know that studies show that 7 out of every 10 people are in a job that they hate?

It’s easy to hang on to the false security of a paycheck because it’s the only way you know to make money and live life.

It’s what society has taught us to do.

But you DO NOT have to settle for the mediocre plan that society has handed to you.

I am here to show you the only internet income system that has been proven and updated for more than a decade. This is your path to freedom.

The Freedom Club Leads YOU to Your Dream Lifestyle Starting NOW!

In the Freedom Club, you’ll learn how to...

  • Discover the formula for replacing your day job, so you can get a freedom business that puts you back in control.
  • Design and achieve your ideal lifestyle so you can live life on your own terms.
  • Discover the two most important words for making money online, so your freedom business becomes profitable
  • Design a lifestyle that will bring you the freedom and fulfillment that you desire
  • Collect insights about your strengths and interests so you can discover the internal process that provides rocket fuel for your future
  • Uncover profitable niche business ideas in a matter of minutes so you don’t waste weeks or even months with the wrong ideas.
  • Find which niches are guaranteed to make money so you can build a profitable Freedom Business.
  • Find the right audience for your business so you can discover a solution that they will readily pay you for.
  • Generate income before you even make a product so you can start to replace your current income.
  • Generate droves of free, targeted traffic as fast as possible so you can present your solution to as many people as possible.
  • Build a large and loyal email list of people who are ready to buy so you never run out of customers.
  • Launch products that practically sell themselves so you don’t have to use any slimy sales-y tactics
  • Launch automated systems that generate daily income on autopilot so you can create a sustainable freedom business.
  • Use advanced list-building and traffic generation strategies of top elite marketers to grow your freedom business
  • And a lot more!!!

Here’s what some of our successful students have to say about our courses…

"It was you guys who helped me get my start. It was when I joined the Academy that I realized that there were other people out there who were also struggling and getting help from Jeremy and Jason - and they gave me the answers!"
-Pat Flynn

“I just appreciate you guys so much. If anyone ever asks me if IBM really works, I ALWAYS say it completely changed my life! There’s literally no way I could have made the radical changes in direction in my career without you guys. It just would not have happened and it would not have been possible! The more I do this, the more I realize how much
of a massive return you get - from the initial cost of the Academy. I can’t overstate how unbelievable how much value
you get from the Academy. To me, it’s priced way too low when you add up all of the fulfillment factors. So it’s a no brainer. I can say from first hand experience that IBM completely changed my life and I will be forever grateful!"

-Chris Oatley

"Having a freedom business has impacted my life tremendously. The money has been really unbelievable. Creating a freedom business has give me a tremendous amount of freedom! I've moved into a new home ten minutes away from a vineyard. So a lot of good things have happened due to creating a freedom business, definitely."
-Matt Archumault

"Creating a freedom business has allowed me to live the lifestyle I want! In the past 6 months, I’ve been able to travel and be on vacation for 1 month because I don’t have to be in one place to operate my business. I also enjoy having the freedom to do things when I want - like go grocery shopping in the middle of the day when no one’s there. I live a very low stress life being able to do the things I want, when I want. When I wake up, I structure the day exactly how I want, and then fit in time for business. I do the things I enjoy when I want to do them, and do work around that. It’s a great place to be in life!"

"I had a $15k pre-launch for my mastermind without any advertising or promos. I just listened to my audience and asked a bunch of questions about their pain points like you all have taught us in IBMA."

"My business is now earning an average of $1k/month and earnings are expected to increase by a minimum of 20%. Currently, the only management required is a single monthly report which takes 10 min. The great thing too is that this is all separate from my day job - which is also helping me from a business development and management perspective. Really grateful for all the learnings. With my financial goal set at generating $8k/month in total, I'm happy to say that I'm 12.5% of the way to my goal! Time to turn it up!!"

Can you see how life changing this is?

Creating a Freedom Business literally allows you to write your own checks and spend your time exactly how you want to each day.

Here’s what you get when you join the Freedom Club today…

There are 3 phases to Freedom:

Freedom Club - Phase One: Make your first $500 online (on the side)

  • The Niche Profit Code (Normally $7.00)
    This straight to the point guide reveals the simplest system for uncovering profitable internet income streams. It also comes with The The Niche Profit Code Cheat Sheet that ensures you get fast results and don't waste any time or money on the wrong niche.
  • The Niche Master Class (Normally $194.00)
    This in-depth course will walk you through all of the strategies we show our top level coaching students to help them pick their niche. We give you over 5 hours of Niche training so you can finally find the perfect Niche and make the next step in your business.
  • The Freedom Formula (Value: $100.00)
    This training uncovers your own personal lifestyle vision that will motivate and drive you to success. This is the rocket fuel that will propel you to a life of freedom, fulfillment and purpose. It also shows you how to have financial freedom starting today.
  • The Freedom Business Blueprint (Value: $100.00)
    This ground-breaking checklist reveals how to turn your passion and purpose into online income. By the end of this checklist, you will have a map of how to have the greatest impact in the world and make a large income doing it. This is the missing ingredient that no one else teaches, not even best-selling business books.
  • Beginners Bootcamp (Normally $497.00)
    The Academy is the only system that has been refined and continually updated for over a decade with over 9000+ students. You always get the latest strategies that work right now. We’ve made sure that nothing is missing in this training. Everything you need to achieve consistent online income is included.

Freedom Club - Phase Two: Replace Your Income and Quit Your Job!

  • Email List Magic (Normally $147.00)
    How to quickly and easily build an email list of raving fans who can't wait to give you money! This course reveals a little known, proven formula to build an email list of ready buers, even if you don't where to find your audience, you don't know what to offer them in exchange for their email and don't even know what to say in your emails!
  • The Online Course Academy (Normally $997.00)
    The Online Course Academy is an in-depth course about how to create and sell your first or next online course. We cover how to choose a profitable course topic, how to plan your course, how to pre-sell the course (before you even create the course), how to create the course content and which course platform is the best.
  • The Backstage Pass - Product Launch Insider Access (Normally $497.00)
    The Backstage Pass is a behind-the-scenes look at how we created and launched our most successful product ever - making us over $2,363,166.22. For the First Time Ever We're Revealing Our Top Product Launch Tips, Tools and Strategies Gathered from 40 Launches Over the Past Ten Years!
  • Extreme Time Mastery (Normally $97.00)
    Learn how to work less and accomplish more every day! In Extreme Time Mastery, we show you how to get more done, have more money so you can do more of the things that make you truly happy! Discover how easy it is to get control of your time and TRULY master it!

Freedom Club - Phase Three: Build a 7-Figure Business!

  • The Automated Income Machine (Normally $997.00)
    The Automated Income Machine includes 12 complete step-by-step modules that show you how to easily turn your business into an Automated Income Machine! This is where we take you behind the curtain and reveal, step-by-step how to launch your automated income. You’ll get access to our entire collection of checklists, templates and fast action guides.
  • List Building with Facebook Groups (Valued at $147.00)
    How to attract loyal fans and build a responsive list with Facebook Groups (even if you are starting from scratch)! We'll also talk about How to find the right people for your facebook group - and what to say to them and how to create engaging content that gets your group in the mindset to buy your product.
  • The Best of 2016's Coaching Call Recordings (Valued at $1997.00)
    Use these recordings to take advantage of every single money-making idea. In these recorded calls, we stay on the line until we’ve answered every question and squashed every little sticking point that might be in your way. A single question unanswered could waste months of your time but these pre-recorded coaching calls ensure your trip on the fast track. You’ll never be stopped by another question.

So, if you were to purchase every one of these courses individually, you’d have to spend $5,777.00 to get all of this information.

But that’s not all that’s included in the Freedom Club…

I’ve also included $2,447.00 worth of bonuses for VIP, Charter members, including:

  • BONUS #1 - Pat Flynn’s Official Traffic Machine (Value: $500.00)
    Pat Made this video series exclusively for Internet Business Mastery. It was a way for him to give back to the training that helped him get started. In this series, Pat shows exactly how he fuels the traffic machine that grew his site to be one of the most popular blogs on the Internet.
  • BONUS #2 - How to Get Your Emails Opened Every Time (Value: $200.00)
    Your email list is your primary source of income. The more people that open your emails, the more money you make. In this training, master copywriter, Mike Denison, draws from his 20+ years of experience to give you his most valuable strategies for ensuring your emails get opened.
  • BONUS #3 - How to Hire a Team to Build Your Income for You (Value: $200.00)
    The less we work, the more we make. The key to growing your wealth is to attract a team of capable people to do the things that they do best and so that you can spend more time doing what you love to do. In this bonus training, we show you exactly who is on our team and how we found them.
  • BONUS #4 - How to Run a 7-Figure Empire (Value: $100.00)
    How do you grow your income streams to seven-figures and beyond without it taking over your life? In this training we reveal how we create well-oiled income machines that run themselves. We also reveal the secrets of finding and working in a partnership. This 90-minute training was previously only released to our $6000 coaching clients.
  • BONUS #5 - How to Launch a Full-Time Internet Income on a Part-Time Schedule (Value: $100.00)
    How do you launch and grow an income while you’re still working a day job. You turn to the master of getting started even if your time is extremely limited. Mark Mason of Late Night Internet Marketing shows you how.
  • BONUS #6 - Free Pro-Level Teachable Membership (Value: $300.00)
    Teachable is an awesome way to create and deliver your online course fast. It’s an all-in-one platform solution that gives you everything you need to launch, sell and deliver your course automatically in one convenient place.
  • BONUS #7 - Focus Training: A Guide to Clarity, Confidence and Unstoppable Momentum (Value: $200.00)
    A course where we share our top tips for finding and focusing on what matters most, maintaining confidence and keeping momentum as you build your online course.
  • BONUS #8 - Product Launch Crash Course (Value: $297.00)
    A special behind the scenes 75-minute insider's look at how we create our product launches at Internet Business Mastery. This was a special training we did for our top coaching students about how to plan a six-figure launch!
  • BONUS #9 - Facebook Ad Campaign Quick Start Course (Value: $500.00)
    The fastest way to generate fast, targeted traffic for your online course is with inexpensive paid traffic. Our favorite place to multiply our money is with Facebook. You’ll learn how to use power editor, how to create facebook audiences, how to set up campaigns and much more! This Quick Start Course will show you how to attract traffic and start making a profit overnight!
  • BONUS #10 - Email Copywriting Hacks (Value $50.00)
    An easy to use, resource guide on the best ways to get people to open, read, click and buy from your emails!

If you totaled everything that’s included in the Freedom Club - with the bonuses - the face value of everything included is $8,224.00

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near that!

Not even $5,000.00…

Not even $2,000.00...

Not even $1,000.00…

Not even $500.00…

Not even $200.00…

You can join the Freedom Club now for a low monthly price of just $30/month.

By joining the Freedom Club, you get our 12 years of experience in creating Freedom Businesses, all 9 courses, all the extremely useful bonuses, and millions of dollars spent in learning what it takes to create a Freedom Business - without having to spend any extra time OR a ton of money!

Just imagine how much you’d be losing by NOT having this information.

-Things will just keep being the same as they are right now.
-You won't have the freedom and fulfillment that comes from getting your freedom business.
-You'd have to figure it out and make all the mistakes that would come without the information.
-You wouldn't have a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas and plans off of.

What a nightmare!

The truth is… you need my help.

Do your future self a favor by joining the club today!

Get your Freedom Business now for only $30 a month ($1 a day!)

And you can cancel your subscription at any time - for any reason.

Click the button below to get your Freedom Business now!

Join the Freedom Club!

A word of caution…

This isn’t for everyone.

This isn’t for you if...

- You’re fine with your boring day job
- You don’t mind trading dollars for hours waiting to get a tiny increase in your paycheck each year
- You don’t mind that someone has control over what you do 40+ hours a week
- You don’t need the freedom to live life on your own terms
- You never need to find out what it’s like to have a freedom business and live the lifestyle of your dreams


If you want to escape that boring job…

If you’re ready to live life on your own terms…

If you’re ready to live life with freedom and fulfillment...

If you’re ready for financial security…

If you’re ready to get your Freedom Business…

Then join the Freedom Club Today!

See you on the inside!


Join the Freedom Club!

"You guys were what got me started online"

- Brian Moran

Still Have Questions? The answer you need may be found below...

Does this work for people who don't have a business yet?
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, if you don’t have a business yet, this is by far the best way to start your new business!

What if I don't have a product yet?
You don’t need to have a product. We will show you several strategies to start making money by selling other people’s products for healthy commissions to start, then, later in the program, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily create all the products your audience wants.

How much money can I make? How much time does it take to see money come in?
We can’t predict how much money you will make and how fast. We would be suspicious of anyone that promises you would make a specific amount of money fast. This is a real business and it depends on how much time you choose to take to build it.

Are there going to be a bunch of other expenses in order to launch my online income stream?
There are a few other services you’ll need to get, like hosting, email services, and a domain name. This is a real business and there are a few other expenses, but it’s the cheapest way to launch a freedom business we know about!

I don’t know anything about business. Will your system still work for me?
If you know how to check your email, then you can put this system into action. We give you video tutorials showing you how to do everything as if you were looking over our shoulder. We even show you how to launch a website with just a few clicks of the button

Do I have to wait to get access to the training over time or do I get it all at once?
We are extremely excited to open the Freedom Club for you at a Charter Membership investment. You’ll get immediate access to everything you need to get started! It's all in there, in order, ready for you right now.

I have a list of possible niches that I'm interested in. Will this still be useful to me?
ABSOLUTELY! In fact, you’ll be that much more ahead if you’ve already narrowed down your list. However, you’ll learn strategies during the training that will help you narrow down your list even more, to end up with a winner.

What if I don’t have an idea for my course?
Then the Freedom Club is for you! We start off by walking you through the process of course idea generation so that you end up with a course topic that will be profitable and that you’re passionate about.

What if I’ve picked a niche, but I’m not sure what to make my course about?
No problem! Part of the training covers how to find out what your audience needs help with! Then we teach you what platform and which kind of content would work best for your audience.

I’ve picked a really unique special niche - will this work for me?
We’ll show you several ways to validate if your unique niche is profitable. If it passes the test, then yes it will absolutely work for you!

I have a full time job, will I still be able to use the Freedom Club?
Yes! We designed the Freedom Club so that you can go at your own pace. We recommend at least 30 minutes a day to really get a jump start on gaining your freedom business.

How is the Freedom Club different from other courses out there?
We’ve been creating passive income and teaching others how to do it for over a decade. We know what works and what is just a “flash in the pan.” We’ve been through dozens of so-called internet business courses. Most of them skip critical steps, teach outdated info, focus on the shiny and new rather than the tested and true, and overwhelm you with stuff you don’t even need need to know.

How do I convince my husband/wife to let me to this?
Taking a step toward financial freedom can feel like a big financial decision. We’ve seen so many successes with our students that we feel really confident that if you implement our system exactly, you’ll start seeing success. We’ve priced the Freedom Club in a way that will help anyone get started. The biggest mind changer when it comes to spouses is when money starts coming in. Give yourself a certain time period to put everything in action and you’ll start seeing results!

Get all of this by signing up for the Freedom Club now for only $30 a month!

Join the Freedom Club!

12 years and
10,000 Students Worth of Proof

"Had a $15K Launch"

I had a $15k pre-launch for my mastermind without any advertising or promos. I just listened to my audience and asked a bunch of questions about their pain points like you all have taught us in IBMA.


"Earning $1k/month on the side"

My business is now earning an average of $1k/month and earnings are expected to increase by a minimum of 20%. Currently, the only management required is a single monthly report which takes 10 min. The great thing too is that this is all separate from my day job - which is also helping me from a business development and management perspective. Really grateful for all the learnings. With my financial goal set at generating $8k/month in total, I'm happy to say that I'm 12.5% of the way to my goal! Time to turn it up!!


"I just ended my FINAL day of 9-to-5 employment!"

I have to be honest. I was really skeptical when my wife first stumbled across the Academy’s landing page. I was so exhausted, though, with the cycles of career frustration and good intentions that plagued my past, I decided to tighten my belt and dive in. The possibility of profiting off of my own unique skills and passions was well worth the risk to me.

So much about the Academy works, but my absolute salvation was the actionable items at the end of each module. In moments of overwhelm, I'd chip away at those daily, weekly and monthly actionable items that Jeremy & Jason laid before us. Following that routine made all the difference in the long run.

Jeremy & Jason helped me find the single motivating purpose that connected each patch of my multi-disciplinary quilt. That was the key to my creating Holistic Storyteller, a dream business that turned the unifying theme of “storytelling” into multiple joy-inducing, profitable streams of income.

I’m providing value through means I would’ve never thought could provide financial stability for my family. Rather than working myself to the bone for the same modest paycheck each month, I’m taking daily actions that make a direct impact on my overall income.

And thank YOU, Internet Business Mastery Academy Mastermind, for always being there with prompt, sound advice as my business ideas pivoted and evolved. I saved so much time, money and frustration by going to you first before adding specific components to my business.

I know this is lengthy, but if you're just starting out, or you're exhausted, or you're doubting your ability, I've been there. I can say it works. Push through now, whatever the stakes, and the biggest problems you face today will likely be quickly forgotten when the right pieces fall into alignment.

"They showed me how it was done"

Over the course of a 6 month period, I listened to most of Jeremy and Jason's back catalog. I joined their membership. I met Jeremy in person and plied him for advice (thank you Jeremy!) Hell, I even moved to the Philippines because of one episode.

They inspired me to dream of travel and of online success. The proved to me that it was possible. They showed me how it was done— by picking up the mic and sharing your experiences. Or by opening up your laptop and creating new ones.

- Dan Andrews

"I Had a Five-Figure Launch Day"

- Ashish Goyal Honolulu, HI

"Thankfully I Can Ask Jeremy and Jason
Questions, They Have Been a Huge
Help in my Success Online"

- Jaime Masters

"You Are In Great Hands With Jason And Jeremy, I Continue To Coach With Them On A Weekly Basis."

- Greg Hickman Denver, CO, Mobile Mixed Podcast

"Jeremy and Jason are DRIVEN To Make You Succeed, They Connect the Dots Better than Anyone and Love their Students"

- Chris Oatley

"I've Made Thousands Of Dollars As A
Result Of Being In This Academy..."

- John Kenney
Orlando, FL

"I Felt In Love With The Lessons That
Jeremy And Jason Teach..."

- Myke Macapinlac &

"These Guys Delivered Far More Than
They Promised. Far More Than
I Ever Thought Possible..."

I have read many books and have started several Internet businesses over the years. This course was accessible to beginners and provided tons of useful information for us seasoned entreprenuers as well. I took action after the very first lesson. These guys delivered far more than they promised. Far more than I ever thought possible. This course was my best business decision of the year, without question.

- Jerry Hobby
Houston, TX

"Jeremy and Jason are the Real Deal..."

Internet Business Mastery is the first place I go for real advice about making money online. In an industry filled with snake oil salesmen, Jeremy and Jason are the real deal. They speak from experience and know how to teach the skills necessary to make good money on the internet.

– Anna P.
Houston, TX

"There is No Spin...
just Pure Strategy & Substance!"

"There is no spin with these guys, just pure strategy & substance!"

– Darren Slaughter
Philadelphia, Pa

"I Found a Treasure in Jeremy and Jason..."

In my quest to gain information and knowledge about information marketing, I found a treasure in Jeremy and Jason.

– Michael Copeland

"Jeremy and Jason Make this...
Information so Accessible..."

"I had tinkered with websites and learning the fundamentals of the Web 1.0 for several years before discovering Internet Business Mastery. I listened to all of their episodes while riding my bike and cutting my grass in the spring of 2007. By summer, I sold my proof of concept web site at the time to investors in California for $50,000. I was told later by the chief investor that it was my confidence and planning that made the sale! I was rattling off the tips and knowledge that I had just learned from the Internet Business Mastery podcast.

I wasn't pretending either. Jeremy and Jason make this mountain of information so accessible that I really did know what I was talking about - that's the best part. Now, I'm going solo, taking my time, and putting ALL of their tips to use in my new site It's an outstanding hobby for me and I offer true value to my subscribers. In fact, I'm at risk for overfilling my seminar scheduled in 2 days from now.

No doubt, I'll be recording the whole thing 3 different ways and put together my own premium content product of value exactly 1 year after discovering Internet Business Mastery. And I'm a resident physician. I'm not supposed to have time for this! Ha!!"

- Daniel Williams
Houston TX

"You Have Provided Me with Everything I Would Ever Need to Launch My New Company..."

I've been fortunate enough to work from home, but your podcast course and website has changed everything for me. You have provided me with everything I would ever need to launch my new company. My new business is the perfect parlait to what my current business does, but it removes me from the picture in a way that allows me to earn "passive income". Thank God I learned what "passive" income even was thanks to you guys. I am great at creating a "job" for myself, but thanks to Internet Business Mastery, I am 100% confident that I am on my way to living my dreams. I can't wait to share my story with you.

- Jon and Karen Cunningham
Woodstock, Ga.

"You Guys are Great! You Have No Idea the Impact You've Had on My Life..."

"You guys are great! You have no idea the impact you've had on my life. I am the owner of, a startup that I created after being involved with I have read tons of articles and listened to every podcast! You helped me become more business savvy. Now my biz is growing quickly."

- Mark Michuda

"What Both of You Have Done to Better Many People's Lives and the World Around You is Truly Commendable..."

Keep up the great work, I don't think you guys even realize how positive of an impact you have on countless numbers of people, what both of you have done to better many people's lives and the world around you is truly commendable.

- Mark M. Allen, TX

"Without Your Step-By-Step Guide and
Constant Over-Delivering of Information,
I Would Never Have Been Able to Deliver
the Finished Product in 8 Weeks."

Only because of your Podcast and Coachins course was I able to develop my first information product and membership site and potentially create a six-figure income this year from it. Without your step-by-step guide and constant over-delivering of information, I would never have been able to deliver the finished product in 8 weeks.

- Colin Slade
San Diego, CA

"They Have Shown Me the Proper Steps to Help Me Grow My Own Business into a Great Oak..."

Internet Business Mastery planted the seed of internet business success into my mindset They have shown me the proper steps to help me grow my own business into a great oak.

- Matthew Archambault
New York

"It has Turned My Ideas Into Reality..."

The Internet Business Mastery podcast has taken me from ZER0 to where I am now. It has turned my ideas into reality and changed the way I do business or even think about business online. From mindset to techniques, it's all here!

– Michael S. Copeland
Elgin, IL

"Jeremy and Jason stand out..."

Jeremy and Jason stand out from most of the other Internet Marketing "gurus" because they don't just seem interested in making a quick buck off of their subscribers. They aren't afraid to talk about their own personal successes and failures in a friendly and competent way...without all the fast talk and hard selling tactics the other guys use. This is what puts them head and shoulders above all the others.

– Taural
Stuttgart, Germany

"Thanks to Jeremy and Jason for Putting Together a Quality Program..."

Thanks to Jeremy and Jason for putting together a quality program with specific details of things I can work on and learn as I'm new to the internet marketing and need to learn how to make money from home using my computer.

– Monica
Honolulu, HI

"Their "No Bull" Style Along with Humor
and Wit Allows Me to Absorb
Their Knowledge with Ease..."

Listening to Jeremy and Jason on Internet Business Mastery has given me the tools to pursue my dreams! Their "no bull" style along with humor and wit allows me to absorb their knowledge with ease! Thanks guys and keep it coming!!!

– Mark Matasich
Pittsburgh, PA

"You Need to Tap Into
Internet Business Mastery"

If you're looking for a way to make sense of all the internet noise. If you're looking for a common sense easy approach to doing business on the web, then you need to tap into Internet Business Mastery.

– Leo Jette
Madison, WI

"...Thanks in Large Part to Internet
Business Mastery, I Had The Confidence
to Found a Business Instead"

As an international technology communications specialist returning from maternity leave, I was looking for a job. Thanks in large part to Internet Business Mastery, I had the confidence to found a business instead.

– Ronna Porter
London, England

"Great course to get you on the road to the Internet Business you want."

Great course to get you on the road to the Internet Business you want.

- Ted Sudol
Ringwood, New Jersey

"The Internet Business Mastery Podcast
has Given Me Lots of Confidence to
Begin Building My Own Internet Business."

The Internet Business Mastery Podcast has given me lots of confidence to begin building my own Internet Business.

– Brandon Carpenter
Amarillo, Texas

"I love the Way They Explain Things About Having an Internet Business in a Very Easy to Understand and Practical Way."

I listen to Jeremy and Jason's Internet Business Mastery without fail - I love the way they explain things about having an internet business in a very easy to understand and practical way. They make listening fun as well as making sense and that's not easy! I'm only starting out with my internet business and I know I'll be using their tips and thoughts to make it a winner.

– Jan Delmas
Sydney, Australia

"Internet Business Mastery Helped Me Define a Niche Market and Start the Process to Bringing in Multiple Streams of Income."

Internet Business Mastery helped me define a niche market and start the process to bringing in multiple streams of income.

- Jay Martin
Louisville, Kentucky

"I Feel Like Someone is Finally Speaking My Language."

I feel like someone is finally speaking my language.

– Randy Solomon Programmer

"...It Keeps Guys Like Me in Check,
Reminding Me to Never Throw in
the Towel for Financial Freedom."

I want to thank you guys for doing what you're doing, please keep it up. It keeps guys like me in check, reminding me to never throw in the towel for financial freedom. It's out there, people have done it many times over.

– Stuart Krempin

"These Guys Get to the Point, Give You
Great Real-World Info, Step-by-Step Tips
and are Truly an Inspiration."

These guys get to the point, give you great real-world info, step-by-step tips and are truly an inspiration.

– Ethan K

"Jeremy and Jason have "Been There"
and "Done That" and Their
Advice is Always On-Point."

Jeremy and Jason have "been there" and "done that" and their advice is always on-point.

– Mike Collin

"Jeremy and Jason's Podcasts Motivated
Me to Quit My Six Figure Job and
Start My Own Internet Business!"

Jeremy and Jason's podcasts motivated me to quit my six figure job and start my own internet business!

– Vince Kisala
Chesterton, IN

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