Freedom Club vs. The Academy vs. Automated Income Machine vs…

A few days ago I asked what was holding you back from joining the Freedom Club.

I got a lot of response from this question and over the course of the next few days I’m going to answer them all, in this daily email.

The first series of answers I got were something like this:

How is the Freedom Club different from the Academy?


How is the Freedom Club different from the Automated Income Machine?


How is the Freedom Club different Email List Magic?

The questions came in like this about all 9 courses I have had open for investment.

My answer to these type of question is this:

The Freedom Club INCLUDES all 10 courses laid out in 3 phases.

Phase One: Make your first $500 online (on the side)

Courses included:

1- The Freedom Formula
2- The Freedom Business Blueprint
3- Niche Master Class
4- Beginners Bootcamp (Including Academy 101)

Phase Two: Replace Your Income and Quit Your Job!

5- Email List Magic
6- Online Course Academy
7- The Backstage Pass (How we launched the multi-million dollar Academy)
8- Extreme Time Mastery

Phase Three: Build a 7-Figure Business!

9- Automated Income Machine
10- List Building with Facebook Groups

The Freedom Club includes everything you need from “I don’t know how to start a freedom business, I don’t know what niche to go into, and I don’t know how to start a website or do anything with social media!” all the way to “How do I run and grow my 7 figure business” and everything inbetween.

It’s all the courses we made to help you get started, grow, and run a freedom business.

Plus, there are a ton of bonuses from us and others that are included in your Freedom Club membership, like Pat Flynn’s Traffic Machine. This course by Pat Flynn is ONLY available for Freedom Club members.

He made it just for me to offer to you.

As if that wasn’t enough, you also get access to our Freedom Club Mastermind group, so you can be in a group with others that have a winner mindset just like you’ll be learning in the Freedom Club.

You get all of this for a buck a day. $1 a day to get access to it all.

So, the Freedom Club isn’t “VS” all our other courses, it INCLUDES them all.

Now is your chance to get them all at less than getting Starbucks today.

That should answer your “VS” questions!

Join now for just a $1 a day:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education