Is free is rotting your mind?

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend of mine in the financial market. He teaches people how the extremely wealthy hold onto their money and grow it in legal ways almost nobody knows about.

He’s fascinating. The guy owns his own bank. (Yes, the Frandsen International Bank of Awesome Prosperity is in the works…)

He’s big time and I love knowing people like him.

Anyways, his very large online information business doesn’t give away any freebees.

Now, in our type of business, giving away someone really good, like an opt-in “bonus” (free), is the norm.

He says that brings in the freeloading, opportinity seeking, platelickers we all hate.

He believes his product is the best in the biz and knows it changes people’s lives.

“Why would I give any of it away and attract people that aren’t going to use it?”

That’s definitely something to think about since we know that almost NOBODY reads that free opt-in ebook everyone is giving out. (I’m going to have to re-think how I’m doing my “front end”…)

He said the wealthy understand how important the Value Cycle is and are more than happy to take part in it. They get the education they need and hire the mentors they need to go to the next level. That is why they are wealthy, they got their mindset right.

They don’t have the Freebee ‘loser’ mindset, they are very clear about their freedom factors.

I’m not totally sure I agree with him about the free thing, but it’s certainly something to think about…

In the Freedom Formula plan, inside the new Freedom Club, we talk about the 4 Freedom Factors you have to have to succeed.

We also talk about the Value Cycle, which is extremely important to understand before you start a business.

You will have a huge leg up on success if you know these things BEFORE you create your success. It’s the core of the Success Mindset. So, I’m going to make sure they are in there for you.

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Jeremy Frandsen
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