Five Reasons Why Partnerships In Internet Business Are So Important

This is a topic currently close to my heart – partnerships in internet business. I’ve been involved in internet business now going back to 2008, and in that time have partnered with numerous people in different ways, including working on niche site projects with different partners, and also acting as an affiliate for different services, which is of course a kind of partnership.

What I wanted to cover here though was a specific type of partnership – the kind Sterling and Jay have, and I have also just embarked on too, hence why this is so relevant for me!

So here are five reasons why I think that partnerships in internet business are so

1. Share The Effort

They do say that two heads are better than one, and this is very true – with two of you working on a project or business together, inevitably you will get two opinions, and two views on everything, even if you’re quite similar people.

This is invaluable, as if you work on your own, it is entirely possible to get the blinkers on and not see what is really going on around you. That’s a really dangerous thing, as that’s how you end up spending a ton of time creating a product that no-one wants – you were so busy working you didn’t stop to listen to what people really want.

A partner can drag you back from that and make you think twice.

2. Shared Success – Double The Feeling!

Following directly on from point one is this…the joy of sharing success. Whilst it is great knowing you’ve nailed something and being able to pat yourself on the back, it is even better when you’ve been part of a team and you’ve achieved something together.

You can praise each other, enjoy your success together and celebrate together too…maybe enjoy the odd glass of your favourite tipple!

Equally if you run into problems or roadblocks, you can pick each other up and offer a different perspective and maybe some much needed motivation and encouragement.

3. Contrasting styles

This is a very important point as sometimes, in our search for partnerships and even relationships, we look for the similarities and the compatibilities in the people we seek out.

Maybe an equally important point to look out for is where your styles contrast – what can each of you offer the other in terms of complimentary skills? For example in online business, one of you might write the content, or be in charge of marketing,
whilst the other is a tech whiz or handles accounting and billing.

Either way, you both need to bring a share of skills to the table, and if those skills match, you’ve got the while business right there. It isn’t the end of the world if your skills overlap – after all it is more important to have someone you can work with
personality-wise than just someone with a great skill set, but if you can get both, that is great!

4. Accountability

This is a really big one – holding each other accountable.

Nothing acts as quite so much of an incentive to get things done than knowing that either you’ve promised someone you will get something done, or that they are relying on you to do it.

There are ways to hold yourself accountable outside of a partnership (joining a mastermind and publicly announcing your intentions are two of them) but the big advantage of a partnership is you can hold each other accountable whilst working together on the same plan.

You can also share ideas, content, documents and deadlines with each other. In my current partnership, we call on Skype around once a week currently and the end of the call is always based around what we’re going to be getting done in the coming week.

5. It Is Just More Fun!

The final reason is just a personal one I guess…much as I love my own company, I have spent most of the last 25 years working in big organisations, often in large teams of people. That has led to me feeling most at home in a collaborative kind of
environment, and I feel I get the most benefit from working with people.

Obviously you can do this by yourself – for example, Pat Flynn seems to be doing OK by himself (!), but then think about all the people he partners with in different ways outside of his single public brand.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know how you leverage the power of the partnership!


Phil Clark has been involved in online business since 2009 and runs a number of niche sites, both about internet business and other topics. You can check out Phil’s latest venture (a partnership of course!) at