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I paid for my membership, but I can’t log in. How do I get my account fixed?

Contact our support team directly and we’ll get it fixed right away. You can reach them here.

Can I Change My Academy Log In Information?

Of course! Once you're signed in to the Academy, click the tab "Account Settings" (located besides the Welcome Greeting).


You will see there lists of settings in which you can modify.

How can I change my billing information?

Please contact our support team directly and we’ll help you to securely change your billing info. You can reach them here.

Access to Podcast - Old Episodes (1-50)

We’ve compiled the first 50 episodes and offer it as a welcome gift to Academy members.

Once you activate your membership with us, you’ll get access to the first 50 podcasts.

Can I ask Jeremy and Jason a question about my business?

Jeremy and Jason are not available for direct consultation right now. They get a lot of questions sent to them and as much as they would like to help out, it's not feasible.

To get their help in launching or marketing your business, the Coaching courses is the way to do that. This opens up once or twice a year for enrollment.

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When I click to download an audio/video file, it opens in the browser. How can I download the file?

The behavior that you see when clicking on the download link depends on the configuration of your computer and browser. If you have the QuickTime Plugin installed, usually a Quicktime player will pop up in a new window to play the audio or video.

If this happens, you can go to File > Save As and that will allow you to save the file to your computer.

Another option is to right-click on the download link and select to download the file to your computer.

Inquiry to become an affiliate

Please visit the affiliate registration page at

Can I Use My Affiliate Link In Joining Internet Business Mastery Academy?

No. Affiliates cannot use their own affiliate link in joining the Academy. When they become a member using their own affiliate link, they will not earn an affiliate commission from it.

Advertising Proposals

Currently we are not accepting any ad buys for our site, e-mail list or show.

Webinar Replays/Recordings

We often record these and replay them after. An email is sent out once the replay/recording has been published. You can also contact our support team for additional details.