Fan Pages: The Water Cooler of Facebook

My last article about Facebook showed how to find your audience and connect with your brand’s network on Facebook using fan pages. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and how to get the most out of your fan page.

Facebook is the ‘water cooler’ of the internet, the place people gather to socialize and connect. Companies have the opportunity to join in the conversation, making their brand or product personal to their network.

Once you have engaged your network with either a Facebook ad or an invite to your fan page, you can choose to direct them to your website or to keep them on your fan page.

I suggest keeping them on your fan page for several reasons.

Keep them at the water cooler.

Think of it this way, if you were chatting with some coworkers and they begin to tell you a great story, would you stop them and ask them to continue the conversation in the conference room? Of course, you wouldn’t.

Remember, the point of social media is to be social. The longer you engage your network in genuine conversation, the stronger connection they feel to your brand.

Consistent Format

Facebook offers over 900 million* objects for user interaction including, games, fan pages, blogs, photo albums, etc. This is what draws the Facebook community to spend over 700 billion* minutes on Facebook every month!

With all of that interaction, people become comfortable with the Facebook format. Just look at how upset everyone is when they change around tabs! By keeping people on your fan page, you are keeping them comfortable and familiar with your brand.

A new user on your website will waste time looking for information and may give up before they find it. Facebook fan pages eliminate that risk.

Facebook Fan Pages: The Breakdown

The consistent format of Facebook allows users to fully engage in your message because they aren’t scanning an unfamiliar layout.

Questions a user may ask if they come to your website

  • Where is your contact information and location?
  • What’s new with the company, is there an easy link to a blog?
  • Do my friends like this brand?
  • What is the company/product about?

The left column of Facebook fan pages answers the questions above and more. All you have to do is fill out the Facebook profile! Everyone already knows where to look to find the information.

Custom Tabs

Fan page tabs navigate between pages of content without changing the overall navigation of the page. Your profile information remains in the left column and all tabs remain visible. Customize these tabs to fit your brand.

Customized tabs are great for:

  • New marking promotions such as a give-away or contest
  • Notes or blog posts
  • Photo albums
  • Polls
  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • New Product Marketing

Get creative; if your content is consistent with your branding image, you will attract loyalty.

Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

The average user spends about 380 minutes per month on Facebook. (Reference

These users are interacting with their personal social network and other companies, brands, or products that peak their interest.

The Internet is constantly evolving and the latest change is that people don’t want to surf around to multiple, unknown sites. What was once,, is now

Instead of seeing Facebook as a monopoly on the internet, sucking all the attention from other sites; see it as the hub of the internet. Use it to your advantage.

Of the estimated 380 minutes a month, each user spends on Facebook, how many are spent on your product?

Facebook SEO

Not only is Facebook searchable by Google and any other search engine, (as long as the profile is public) Facebook also offers an internal search engine.

Your profile name and content is searchable using SEO principles. By using the same SEO principles you use for your website, you can maximize your visibility on Facebook.

When people search for your brand on facebook they will be shown a link to your fan page.

Image example:

Facebook offers a level playing field for businesses and products that are willing to engage with their customers. Effective marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune any more. All you need is some social media know-how and the potential is limitless!



Eric Vogel is a social media consultant. His company Vogel Social Media connects businesses with their target market, increases brand awareness, and creates customer loyalty using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, WordPress and Aweber. You can find more info at


  1. This reminds me to create a fan page for my blog. Added to my list, thanks! It’s interesting how that’s about 6 and half hours a month spent on Facebook. I could relate to that before. I don’t usually spend that much time on there anymore thou.