A Sneaky Secret For Attracting Your Ideal Audience on Facebook

Is your target audience on Facebook?

Facebook is the center of all social media with over 600 million users from around the world. Not only are there hundreds of millions of user accounts, they are active accounts. According to Facebook, at least half of its users are active on the site on any given day. That’s a quarter of a billion people you could be reaching every single day. There has never been a time when you could easily reach so many.

Giving your brand a Facebook presence isn’t just about the numbers though. Facebook is much more than just a huge billboard.

People are drawn to social networking because it’s social, not commercial. They are willing to deal with some ads in return for free access to their entire network. Not to say Facebook ads aren’t valuable, we’ll talk about those in a minute.

So, if people are there to socialize, what is a business’ place in this environment?

  • Engage in conversation with your network. When a brand becomes social, it can connect with people on a deeper level and add value through their interaction if applicable.
  • Social networks allow you to extend your brand identity and brand loyalty.

Meet them At the Online Water cooler

If the Internet was an office, Facebook would be the water cooler, the place everyone gathers to talk about their weekend plans and the latest on American Idol (or Glee in Jays case…).

Imagine being able to bring your brand into that environment and join the conversation.

So, how does a brand or a business get in on the conversation?

  • Fan Pages establish your brand’s presence at the water cooler.


A fan page is a public profile designed for ideas, products, and businesses rather than individuals. You can create a profile based on your company, based on your company’s mission, or even focused around a popular product. Your brand can then connect with ‘fans’ and public Facebook users.

  • Make sure you keep conversation relevant and true to your brand.
  • You will make a stronger impact if you do more listening than talking and you aren’t always blurting out your tag line or asking people to buy something.

Fan pages allow you to “act” as the brand when talking with others on Facebook.

Finding Your Network

Now you know that Facebook is a great source for branding and marketing to people interested in what you do, and you have a fan page.

What about those ‘fans?’ Where are they and how do you find them?

A sneaky Facebook secret is that many profiles are public and can be freely searched to find key words.

  • By searching public status updates for key words related to your product or brand, you can find people who may be interested in your product.

When you find people you think might be interested, send them an invite to your fan page or start a conversation with them about a common interest. Here are some resources for searching public facebook profiles.


Make an Ad to Find your Reach

Another way to determine if your network is on Facebook is through Facebook Ads.  But Eric, I don’t want to spent money right now!  I understand and this is how you can estimate your audience on Facebook,

Mock an Ad

Start creating an Ad for Facebook and there will be a light blue box to the right titled “Estimated Reach”.

That right there is your gold mine.

If you wanted to take the next step and purchase Ads on Facebook you can direct the link in the Ad to your website or Fan Page. As we will talk about in our next post in more detail, why would you take them out of the Water Cooler?


Eric Vogel is a social media consultant. His company Vogel Social Media connects businesses with their target market, increases brand awareness, and creates customer loyalty using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, WordPress and Aweber. You can find more info at www.vogelsocialmedia.com


  1. The links are interesting, but I get stuck after finding persons who used the keywords.
    How do you invite them to your fanpage? If you are logged in as admin, I don’t see a way.

  2. Hi Remco,

    Here are a few ways to invite others to your facebook page:

    1. Go to your page and click ‘Share’ in the bottom left column (posts to your personal wall)
    2. Click ‘invite friends’ in the right sidebar on your facebook page (Sends notification to friends)
    3. Email the page URL to your friends and other connections and have your page URL in your email signature.

  3. Thanks for the tip about finding your reach. I will use that for new campaigns outside of Facebook for sure

  4. You’re welcome Joe, i’m glad I could help. If you would like a ton more tips you can join our newsletter at http://vogelsocialmedia.com/newsletter

  5. Thank you very much for the article, I will start using your tips as soon as possible.
    I have one question, I just launched the Facebook Fans page for my website, so I have been taking a look of other pages, and something I would love is to have the IBM status updates showing on my home page, but if I want to see the updates I have to go to their page, I’m able to see other updates but not the updates from IBM.
    Is there a way to “fix” this? or this just depends on FB algorithms?