Don’t make this ‘YUGE’ mistake…

A couple days ago I got this email:

“I’ve been listening to your show for 7 years. You guys are awesome…”
Dan M.

He went on to talk about some of the episodes he liked, the job he hates, and other general flattery.

I went into my money system and looked. He had never invested in even 1 of my products.

It’s easy to get mad and think, FREELOADER (the enemy of success)!

But instead, I wrote him back.

I asked him why he hadn’t bought anything from me, if I was so awesome? I do have 10 products designed to help him escape that job he hates!

He said he didn’t realize I had anything for sale!


No really, WHAT THE FUCK.

That’s not the only email I’ve gotten like that. Some people have listened for all 13 years and have still not invested in one of the products that will help them achieve the freedom they desire.

What is the problem?

I don’t think it’s all their problem.

Sure, there are a lot of Freeloaders out there, infected with loser mentality, looking to scoop up free scraps, but I don’t think that is the problem here.

If they don’t know all (or even just 1) of our product(s) that is MY problem, cause that’s marketing.

MARKETING is letting the right people know you have the ability to solve their problem.

Since he, and many others, didn’t even know we had a boatload of products specifically designed and tested to be perfect for a beginner – that’s on ME.

Digging around my ol’ cranium these past years has made me realize I was taught to be ultra humble.

“Always play down your value” is what has been the loser mindset oppressing me.

Over 10,000 people have found their way through my “wall of humble” and reaped the rewards of going through my stuff, but it could have been 100,000!

I’m done with humble, starting now.

When you play down your value, you are robbing people of what you have to offer.

I remember hearing Warren Buffett, the billion dollar investor, say something like this:

“You only learn from mistakes, but they don’t have to be YOUR mistakes.”

Don’t make the same mistake I made.

Speaking of “FUCK being humble”, I’ve now put ALL 10 of our courses into one ridiculously priced Freedom Club. Join now:

Jeremy Frandsen
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