Contest: What on earth got Jay to invest that much money in 0.37 seconds flat?

How about a little contest? It’s a simple guessing game. The first to guess the right answer wins their choice of a beautiful Internet Business Mastery “Unemployable” mug or t-shirt.

So what are we guessing?

Well, I recently made a huge investment in my podcasting business. In fact, this is the biggest investment I’ve ever made in any of my businesses.

It’s something I’ve worked on for several months and recently it all came together last month with a couple phone calls and a large wire transfer. It only took me 0.37 seconds to agree to it, despite the ginormous cost.

You might have seen me hinting at it on Twitter and Facebook.




As soon as I started hinting about it, the guesses started pouring in via Skype, Facebook, email and Twitter. Until now I had to keep it close to the vest until I had permission to share the news.

The cool thing is that this will only benefit you in many, many ways in the end. Over the next couple weeks I’ll be telling you all about it.

But before I let the cat out of the bag, I figured we’d have a little friendly competition. So here’s how to enter.

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Enter your guess into Twitter as a reply to me (start your tweet with @jasonvo)

The first one to guess it right, or to at least get close, wins a t-shirt or mug. So let’s hear it? What’s your guess? What’s my big business investment?


  1. Can I guess?

  2. Is it a studio?

  3. Was it some sort of a mentoring package?

  4. I think Jeremy can guess :) or at list give us a hint

  5. Umm… I’l take a stab. Affiliate hosting? Or maybe your own Sizzler franchise.

  6. I know — Just tweeted my answer!

  7. Are you doing something with Jim Morris and Scott Paton? They’ve just launched something podcast’ish.