Is Content Really King? The Truth Revealed!

You’ve been duped. The experts all say:

“Content is king!”

But they’re wrong.

If you put all your focus on content, then you’re losing visitors hand over fist.

Here’s why…

Before a visitor reads one word on your site, they’ve already judged you.

In less than five seconds they decide whether or not to hit the back button…

…based on one simple factor.

Can you guess what it is?

Site design.

Poor design is the #1 thing that triggers mistrust.

Sadly, most site designs just don’t cut mustard.

But it doesn’t need to be that way!

You can start a beautiful site in under five minutes.

We show you how in the video tutorial above.

If you know how to check your e-mail (which clearly you do ;)…

…then you have enough tech skill to make it happen.

There’s even a downloadable PDF checklist here.

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  1. Very nice Video guys… you guys really went over the basics real well for the newbies. Another good site is they have a lot of professionally designed wordpress templates as well. And your right content is queen inbound links and pretty important too but your right professionally design pages is important as well.

  2. Hi guys
    I couldn’t agree more but I think that good content + good site design + speed of page load are the three things which all matter equally.

    I think that newbies should spend a little time sketching out what they want from their site before they jump into a particular theme or design.

  3. Great little video for anyone getting started!! I think there is big debate around content and design, i think both need to be great really for any kind of success, but it’s great content that gets the shares and tweets not design! But to actually attract a first time visitor is very important as well!!

  4. OK, I’ll agree that you’ve got to look decent to get over the first bar. But what next? There are a billion websites out there that look good, nost of which are getting little if any traction.

  5. Daniel Morrow says:

    The thing is, all these things are equally important, but they are presented in a distinct order, which is why many people argue that design is most important. I may have a great message, but if people have to struggle to read my handwriting, they will just go somewhere else. I think what is really important when it comes to design is to focus primarily on not pushing people away. Too many people think of design as something that draws people in. This being the case, they take way too much time in the design phase and take too long to get around to the content. Often, they don’t end up doing anything meaningful because they are so caught up in getting the design right. Instead, I’d encourage people to simply not get the design wrong. Keep it simple so that content is central and design is not distracting. Design doesn’t need to draw people in; it needs to not offend. Once you’ve got that – which is very easy to do – move on to content that will grab them for good. You can always update and tweak your site design over time.