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Hello! You’ve found the contact page. One of our favorite things to do is interact with passionate internet entrepreneurs. However, we face the physical limitation of only so many hours in the day. So, to allow us to help a maximum number of people (but still leave us time to spend our families), here are suggestions about how to best reach us.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a good chance that we have answered your question already on our FAQ page. Please check there first.

Customer Support

If you have a customer support questions, please contact our support team at:

This will create a support ticket in our customer care system. A team member will usually reply to your request within one business day. On occasion it might take two business days to get back to you.

Getting Help with Your Internet Business

While we wish we had time to answer every question that came in, but we can’t. We would literally spend hours every day just doing that rather than creating more content that could helps tens of thousands through the free show and our courses.

We provide online step-by-step training that we have developed for over a decade now. We call it the The Freedom Club.

A Comment or Question about an Episode

Please comment on the respective episode. We check our comments regularly.

A Suggestions or Report a Problem with the Site etc.

Please contact Due to the volume of email that we receive, we can’t always guarantee a response, but rest assured we will see it and look forward to hearing from you.

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Finally, you can reach out to us on Twitter. We enjoy interacting with people over there.

Get and insider look into our businesses on Twitter. Twitter is like a micro-blog with brief updates (140 characters or less)

Follow us on Twitter and get recommendations of must-see sites and articles, an exclusive look into the projects we work on day-to-day, traffic tips and much more! It’s like looking over our shoulders… you just have to promise not to steal our secret plans for taking over the universe!

Our Twitter followers also get to ask questions and give direct input for the podcast. There’s just two easy steps for following us on Twitter.

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