Coming Soon: A New Podcast

Special AnnouncementIn a recent episode of the show, I indicated that I had a big announcement to make on July 1. I’m not quite ready to unveil all the details, but I don’t want to leave you totally hanging since I already let the “cat stick a paw out of the bag” so to speak.

So here’s one part of the big announcement. Beginning in August, I’ll be starting a new podcast. Yes, an entirely separate and new show. I’ll have more details soon including the topic of the new show. I’ll also have other details about the larger project at hand. The new podcast is only one small piece of a bigger picture. Bottom line for you is this: lots of new content and new value coming your way very, very soon.

In the meantime, what’s your guess as to what the podcast will be? Any guesses as to what they larger project is? Let’s have a little fun with this. If anyone can get close to pegging all the details, there will be something fun in store for you.

Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Doesn’t the TV show Glee already have a fan podcast?

    I also hope you are not stealing my idea of, “1001 ways to not get arrested wearing Macrame pants” podcast.

    • Jeremy where are your priorities? First we need a podcast about resurrecting “Highway to Heaven” and “Quantum Leap” back to prime time. More realistically it’s probably about all things Joe Siebert. How awesome he is and how he brought back talking in third person as well as the phrase “And Stuff” to the main stream.

  2. guess 1 —> something along the lines of profiting from podcasting

    guess 2 —> something along the lines of building authority niche sites

  3. I’m looking forward to the new update. Keep us posted.

  4. Matthew Paulson says:

    I predict that you are going to resurrect your podcasting podcast.

  5. I’m guessing beginner dad stuff, podcasting, or film. Jay, you have a few passions you’ve mentioned on the show. Since you teach passion based business, those are my guesses.

  6. I think it is about parenting in New York or about macrame. :)

  7. Raising Children in New York? Or macrame.

  8. Am I the ONLY one who can see the obvious?!



  9. Was this ever announced? If so, I missed it! :) If not, my guess is that you might do a podcast for musicians or budding documentary writers. Though, you say in this post “lots of new content and new value coming your way” which implies content helpful to your existing audience on a wider scale. You just released Microsite Profits, so that could easily be a podcast. “Podcasting profits” could spin off a podcast on podcasting… I could also see you doing a podcast on traffic generation (with social media being a big emphasis) since that seems to be a hot topic in the community. Phew! Those are my thoughts. :)

  10. I just assumed it was the new IBM podcast. They did create the podcasting profits course, and I don’t see a podcast on Jason’s site, so maybe I missed this separate podcast. Unless the guys bailed on it while tweaking and completing the micro site profits course. I guarantee it’s not a result of no productivity. I wish I was as productive as Jay and Jer.

  11. Oh it’s still coming! I just need to get through this launch. Got delayed a little bit.

    Stay tuned!


  12. Aw…. it’s not the macrame empire I thought it would be….Thanks for sharing. Very cool.