Choosing Internet Cash Machines for 2008

Here’s the first ever video post on the Internet Business Mastery site. In this video I go over the process I used to brainstorm and evaluate internet cash machine ideas for 2008. I outline the criteria that I think are important to consider when narrowing down your ideas.

In the future we’ll post the occasional tip, trick or tutorial using video. If you like the video posts maybe we’ll create a special feed for subscribing to and downloading them. Enjoy!


  1. Jay, I like the simplicity and genius of your 4 point rating scale and the five criteria you chose for evaluating which projects to select for 2008. You’re absolutely right – the cash machine potential should be integrated with passion – no sense working on something you don’t like – it becomes a job.

  2. Wow, you look nothing like what I thought you would look like in real life! Video is crazy!

    Basketball?! But, your like 5 feet 2 inches!

  3. But if he hit that 5’2″ early, he could have been a very tall 5th grader!


    Thanks for the video, Jay. It’s kind of nice to swap things up, though I’m still a fan of the podcasts, since it’s the medium I can take dog walking. :P

  4. Cool video. I’ve started planning for next year as well, and now I’ll be looking to implement some of your strategies. Thanks

  5. “no sense working on something you don’t like – it becomes a job.”….I am totally with you on this one. Unfortunatelly life is not easy for most people out there and for some its too late to start something new. Some might disagree – “its never too late…blah-blah..” I am not talking about “late in time” actually, some people just got burned out by trying various things (I don’t mean myself here). Interesting video, though.

  6. @Wooden Train Tables Guru,

    I think the cure for burnout is finding your life purpose and making that into a business. Internet Business Mastery is a passion of mine and I’m about to start another venture with my top passion. I am dumping all my other businesses to focus on what I find fulfilling. I’m even ending other partnerships, cept with Jay, so that I can focus on the two things I want to do with my life. I was getting burned out myself, trying all sorts of businesses.

    In the end it was all about enjoying every day of my life and living my dreams. If a person does that then how can they possibly burn out? If you get to the point where you would rather die then not be able to live your dreams then you WILL make this crazy internet business stuff work and really work well! There is only one wait to fail, quit.


  7. This simple plan is a great tool especially for someone like me who floats a hundred ideas at a time. With the rating system I can set better short term and longterm goals. I believe this method will focus me and help me generate income faster. Thanks!

  8. Jay: I’m looking for a webcam? Any recommendations? If not, no need to respond. Nice video!

  9. Cool video! I´m going to implement some of your strategies in my marketing.

  10. @Tom,

    Good luck with that! Let us know how it works for you.


  11. Dear Sterling and Jay,

    I’ve recently started listening to your podcasts and can’t thank you guys enough for the service you provide. I loved the interview with Ferriss.

    The next couple of months are crucial for me. I will be absorbing your tips and tricks as fast as I can in order to run my 2 internet buinesses from somewhere in the Andes.

    Look forward to future podcasts on VA’s.

    Thanks and the best of luck in 2008!

  12. Emmon,

    For this video I just used the built-in cam on my Dell laptop. It was nothing special. In the future I plan to use my Panasonic camcorder. When it comes to webcams, I really don’t have much insight to offer.

  13. OK thanks. Am definitely interested in taking your next “course” by the way.

  14. @Emmon,

    We’ll have info on the next coaching course very soon. Stay tuned to the newsletter and blog.

  15. I am thinking about producing an ebook. Has anyone used the products recommended by Derek Gehl i.e. Ebook Pro, Mailloop, and his sales letter writing software? If yes, please rate them and share your experiences. If no, what did you ultimately choose and why? Thank you for helping a budding Internet Master.

  16. I like what you’re doing with the blog … and your webcam is part of your laptop! I’m looking for a laptop … what kind are you using?

  17. @Toni,

    I use a Vostro 1700 that is decked out to the hilt. Vostro is the business-class version of the Inspiron.

  18. Just curious…do they have combs or brushes in alaska? Of course I don’t need one, but jay…come on now. :-)

  19. We comb our hair with grizzly bear teeth in AK — yeah, we’re hardcore like that. Actually, that was me in what my dad calls “The Frodo Do” phase.