Branding Case Study: Attracting and Keeping Site Visitors

What do branding, French haircuts and embarrassing social mistakes have to do with each other?

In this video you’ll find out. You’ll also specific branding tips of for creating a web site that attracts your ideal audience and keeps them coming back for more.

We’ll take a look at a real world case study to see what works. You’ll learn:

  • Exactly what to say so your site visitors feel compelled to sign up for your email list
  • The critically important page that most people completely screw up costing them email subscribers
  • The first things every site visitor looks at to decide whether or not to stay on your site or leave
  • The simple tool that will make a site visitor immediately connect with you and your brand
  • And more…

Watch the video above now. If it doesn’t appear in your feed reader, please click through to the post to watch.

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  1. Thanks for the case study Jason!

  2. Great Idea Jason…I like how you pointed things out and used a real life example. Good Stuff

    I hope you’re enjoying France !

    All the best,


  3. Steven Arthur says:

    Great video Jason. Took lots of notes that apply to all we’re about to do. When you said not to make the tagline to ‘markety’ I knew what you meant but not sure if I would recognize one if I saw it (unless very obvious). Her’s was perfect but I don’t think four words would convey what my biz is about. I have an example of mine on the FB page but have only had one person suggest something. Disappointing considering we have 81 members in the group :(
    Anyway, lots of great take aways from her site.
    By the way, how was your haircut?

    • The haircut turned out great!

      Hitting on the right tagline can take time and effort. Sometimes you get lucky and hit on the perfect one.

      If it is a bit “market-y,” that’s OK. Go with what you have and tweak as you go.

  4. Great insights from this video. The optin really has to be obvious. This girl seems to know her audience! Thanks so much for sharing Jason. How important do you think it is to display relative content?

    For instance my site is all about my podcast. I’m not using much to get people to my site other that the show.

    Should people be able to see more if the goal is to get them on the list? I have links to the show and blog in my nav but only headlines for the show and no sample blog content.

    Thanks again!

    • You just want them to see that the content looks like the perfect fit for them. Ideally, every episode gives that feel.

      If you have one or two that are especially good at that, featuring them is not a bad idea. Some people need a bit more time before they sign up. But that is why you use the content to push them back to the optin as well.

  5. Great case study Jason! I loved it. How creative she is and what a great niche for her to zero in on. Thanks for the video too – really shows those points and better than a blog post with images :)

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Crystal! It was a lot of fun to have an example where I could speak both form a marketer’s perspective a well as a the perspective of an avatar.

  6. Bonjour Jason!

    Merci for this great case study. I’ve learned from it!
    And will implement some of your suggestions (and highlights) in the new website.

    I didn’t invent all the marketing behind Comme une Française: I followed Marie Forleo’s BSchool and of course read lots of blogs out there.

    It’s very important to learn from case studies like this. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


    • I had a hunch that you might have done Marie’s B-School. You clearly listened well.

      Give yourself plenty of credit, though. You clearly know your audience and have a sense for creating great content.

  7. Thanks for this great case study :).

    Géraldine’s website also caught my eyes the first time I stumbled upon it.

    It looked different from the dozens of other impersonal French learning websites I saw before. I love the new design too.

  8. Did you see that she entirely changed her website? She had to have done it this past week because I showed it to my web designer only a week ago. Now her website looks like everyone else’s!!

  9. This is so spot on for me. Thank you so much. Incredible timing too.

    I have an expat blog also and have been thinking about doing video now for ages but haven’t gotten up the courage yet. Time to take some BOLD ACTION.

    Thanks again.

    PS Lovin’ the Audio Blog.

  10. Great Idea Jason !!!! Thanks for case study.