Book of the Month for August 2008 | Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port

We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about a book called Beyond Booked Solid. Honestly, the title made us think it was written for freelancers and, hence, not in line with our “don’t work dollars for hours” policy.

But when we finally a look at the contents of the book, we discovered that we were missing out on quality information. Michael Port teaching mindset concepts that fall 100% in line with Internet Business Mastery.

So we decided to go back and read the first book first, Book Yourself Solid. Then next month we’ll read Beyond Booked Solid which build on his first book.

If you’re a member of the Internet Business Mastery Academy, you’ll get to hear a one-hour discussion between me and Sterling about the most important principles and action steps that we took from the book. You’ll also get to hear our interview with Michael Port (not to mention send in questions for us to ask him).

Michael teaches solid principle that will help you attract more customers than you can handle…even going as far as helping you enjoy marketing and sales.

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Choose a bold action that you can take this month to move forward towards more freedom and fulfillment in your lifestyle and business. Share what you did in the comments below.

One person will be chosen to win a copy of the book. We’ll also share a couple stories on the podcast. The deadline is August 31st.

What do you think?

Have you read the book? What was the most important thing that you learned from the book?


  1. I made the big decision to hire my one-day a week help on as a full-time employee, because I am in a service profession and I wasn’t seeing a lot of ways to reduce my hours otherwise. This is a big step because it reduces my hours by more than half and only provides a portion of my usual income for the jobs.

    That means I will have the time to work on new projects, and the need to make those projects profitable as fast as possible so I don’t have to go back to working with my body. I am so excited! I have already worked on building systems so she can step into my shoes with as little effort as possible.

    Can’t wait to begin working on a business that will allow me the freedom to grow in new ways and choose my own lifestyle.

  2. Just few minutes ago, I sat down to write some notes about the business ideas that have been kicking around my head lately. I’ve got just one business right now, but I’ll have six by the end of this idea cycle. Sure, committing ideas to paper might seem insignificant, but it’s not. For me, writing something down is the huge first step that will snowball into a completed project. I wrote down my five new business ideas, proposed names, a few words about the purpose of each business, and even came up with a slogan for one of them.

    Now I’m going to be busy researching and writing business plans…

    For those of you thinking that I’m crazy for trying to run six business…well, maybe I am. However, these businesses will be designed to be mostly-automated, so they won’t need constant attention. Additionally, I’ve got teenage kids who need jobs. Why not teach them how to manage a business instead of flip hamburgers?

  3. This morning I listened to this podcast at it reaffirmed my decision to make a bold decision. Moments ago I gave my notice to my apartment and will be moving/traveling across the globe to australia to live the internet lifestyle!

    Your podcast and academy are truly inspirational, and I love how you keep saying you need to step up to the plate and go to bat. I now look forward to building my internet business so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labor while overseas!

    Thanks again guys!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories.


    It definitely can be a leap to hire additional help. It’s tough to put up the money with the faith that you can make the most of the time saved in order to make more than the money spent. Good luck with your new assistant.


    Sounds like you have a lot of ideas. Good luck with them. Your kids will be very fortunate to learn these things at a young age.


    Australia! Very cool. I’d love to visit Australia sometime. Let us know how you like it.

  5. Hi Jay and Sterling,

    I looked at my watch at 11:15 PM on August 31st. and said, “Oops, I’m going to miss the deadline for Jay and Sterling’s free book contest. More important than the chance to get the book is the opportunity to to talk about the bold steps I’ve recently taken to leave the 9–5 and to say “Thanks”.

    Bold Steps:

    When Apple announced that it was opening the iPhone to 3rd party developers, I knew something big was coming. I purchased the new 3G and began investigating the 3rd party applications. To my great delight, I found some art apps.

    I knew immediately that visual artists (myself included) had a new medium to work with. I also realized that an entirely new industry was being born that centered around art created on mobile devices.

    Here’s what has happened in within one month.

    1. I familiarized myself with the apps by creating artwork in each.
    2. I have been communicating directly with many of the developers.
    3. I registered and trade marked iArtMobile
    5. I built the web site.
    6. I blog daily about art on mobile phones.
    7. I Twitter a new iPhone painting almost daily of my travels.
    6. I applied for affiliate membership with Apple on the evening I launched the website. I was approved within 5 hours after submitting my application. I have since been approved by many other major companies in the mobile industry.

    So what is ‘Your first source for news, reviews and information on artwork created on mobile phones’.

    Thank You:

    I came across your podcast about 6 months ago. I have listened to every episode more than once. I keep thinking, ‘If all this high value information is free, I can imagine the Internet Business Master members are getting their socks blessed off.’ Well, I’m getting my socks ready to fly away when the day comes that I can join you. Until then, I want to say a big ‘Thanks!’ for your informative and encouraging podcasts.

    Keni Davis

  6. @Keni,

    What a great story! That’s definitely bold and massive action. Sounds like you have found an great niche that fits you well. Let us know how thing progress for you.

    Thanks for listening.