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564 | The pursuit of freedom starts with these…

This morning, when I was writing my daily email, my oldest daughter was up early practicing the cello.

563 | How to not be a quitter

An email came in with a question I wanted to answer for you.

562 | You need to go on a diet

Back in 2009, I went on a diet. This was not your typical food diet.

561 | Forget Carpe Diem, Carpe Punctum for life!

Did you ever see the movie, Dead Poets Society?

560 | The curse of overcrowded market

Back when I got started I had a major fear. Actually, I had a lot of fears, but one especially stood out.

I looked out over the internet and saw a LOT of people already successful doing the exact thing I wanted to do. I had the mistaken belief that if someone was already doing it, in my case a LOT of someones, then there was no room for me.

559 | 26 years in the making and all for you…

About Twenty-six years ago something magically happened to me.

558 | The transformational power of a black hole

Yesterday, I read this and wanted to share it with you:


In 2004 when I got started, I’d have 100 business ideas a day.

556 | There’s a new sheriff in town…

Yesterday the site when down for about an hour. This is part of doing business online and happens a couple times a year for various reasons.

555 | What a winner mindset looks like…

So, Freedom Club members have access to a private, ‘for members only’, Facebook Mastermind Group.