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320 | Here’s how I can tell if you’ll fail.

A couple times a week I get emails begging me for direct coaching.

319 | “There are no stupid questions.” What? Yes there are and don’t ask them unless you want to sound stupid.

There’s a question I get all the time and it is a sure sign of someone that is going to quit.

318 | It’s time for us all to get lucky!

Last year I got really lucky.

317 | It’s one or the other, you can’t have them both and still succeed.

I was watching a TEDtalk on Youtube yesterday. It was from an author I was currently reading. It was great.

316 | Should you let the military help you succeed?

I’m currently working on a new set of goals. Mostly they are around my new business idea I’m working on and a few are upgrading some personal goals I made last year.

315 | Without this mindset you’ll just stay a loser.

Every couple of days I jump into the Freedom Club exclusive, private mastermind group.

314 | The one business to rule them all…

A few months ago I opened the Freedom Club. As you have heard the response was exciting!

313 | You should just quit.

Boy, I’ll tell you what…

312 | Lazy? No problem.

Not long ago I asked what was in the way of you joining the Freedom Club and here is just one of the answers I received.

311 | Do you have enough money to be immortal?

Last night I was cruising around the internet and I landed on one of the futurist blogs I enjoy.