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655 | An inside look at a success mindset.

Every couple of days I jump into the Freedom Club exclusive, private mastermind group.

654 | The first big question you *must* answer…

A few months ago I opened the Freedom Club. As you have heard the response was exciting!

653 | Reality is a bitter pill for some…

Boy, I’ll tell you what…

652 | Is this your excuse?

Not long ago I asked what was in the way of you joining the Freedom Club and here is just one of the answers I received.

651 | The poor will never live forever…

Last night I was cruising around the internet and I landed on one of the futurist blogs I enjoy.

650 | Success is not in the cards for these two

I’ve gotten a couple emails from audience members I want to share with you.

649 | The pursuit of freedom starts with these…

This morning, when I was writing my daily email, my oldest daughter was up early practicing the cello.

648 | How to not be a quitter

An email came in with a question I wanted to answer for you.

647 | You need to go on a diet

Back in 2009, I went on a diet. This was not your typical food diet.

646 | Forget Carpe Diem, Carpe Punctum for life!

Did you ever see the movie, Dead Poets Society?