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506 | The power of one…

As I am about to start a new business my mind drifted back thinking about how I originally started this business, Internet Business Mastery.

I made a ton of mistakes.

505 | Everything that needs to be said has already been said.

Back when I got started I had a major fear. Actually, I had a lot of fears, but one especially stood out.

I looked out over the internet and saw a LOT of people already successful doing the exact thing I wanted to do. I had the mistaken belief that if someone was already doing it, in my case a LOT of someones, then there was no room for me.

504 | How is this different?

One question I get nearly every week is:

How is the Freedom Club different from “the Academy”?

503 | Who is really in control of your happiness and success? (HINT: It’s not you.)

In my reading yesterday, I found this bit of insight:

502 | The catch-22 of getting started…

My youngest sister asked me about how I got started recently and I began telling her the story again.

She stopped me.

501 | Another question from the inside.

A new Freedom Club member recently sent me the following email.

I’ll add his question here and then my comment will follow.

500 | All the ingredients needed for the secret sauce of success.

For the first 6 years of my entrepreneurial journey I was completely obsessed with finding the secret sauce needed for success.

499 | Massive, world changing event starts today!

BTW, this episode if from a daily email I wrote in May of 2017:

498 | Success is not for these type of people…

Here’s a quote I ran across during my reading time yesterday.

497 | Let’s set a record today, together.

I decided to set a record today and I can’t do it without you.