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297 | I don’t just fight losers as the sherriff…

As I’ve mentioned before, I get a lot of response to this daily podcast.

296 | Look, if I can do it, you can too. Here’s how!

This morning I was reading a book that had a chapter on self-efficacy. In that chapter it talked about the 4 aspects of confidence.

295 | Which are you? Jekyll or Hyde?

I got another email I want to talk to you about.

294 | “Losing it all” might be your best bet!

One of the big, positive outcomes from having a successful freedom business is you can create the lifestyle you want.

293 | Easily answer this HARD question from now on…

Normally, when you get asked this obvious and persistent question it’s pretty easy to answer.

292 | The model you’ve always wanted!

It’s time to pull another email out of the ol’ email bag.

291 | If you build it, you will not fail.

As I mentioned recently, I sold my home and gentleman’s farm.

290 | Stop embarrassing ‘brain farts’!

A few episodes ago I told you about the top level, secret mastermind group I made my way into with the guys that make the *real* money online.

289 | Did you realize you are probably the bad guy?

My life changed the day I watched the movie, the Matrix. I saw it in the theater back in 1999. In fact, I watched it twice in one day and another 3 times in the theater.

288 | Your dream could be blocking your success.

In my reading time yesterday I came across a quote I want to share with you.