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IBM 2 | The Magic of Controlling Your Time

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In this episode of Internet Business Mastery, we take a look into the typical day of an internet entrepreneur and how you can best manage your time in order to find success in your internet business. We offer several tips based on how we schedule our day for maximum productivity including:

  • How Sterling ensures that he has the creative energy he needs for making important strategic decisions
  • How we start our day to get maximum momentum for the rest of the day
  • Sterling’s favorite tools for staying on track with your schedule
  • How Sterling makes it work with a home office with a family around
  • Our favorite book about Time Management
  • A system Jay uses to schedule each day to make sure the most important things get done
  • How to control the phone and email

IBM 1 | Getting Started: 9 Things Every Internet Business Entrepreneur Needs

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This is the premier episode of Internet Business Mastery. In this episode we talk about how we went from being 9-to-5 salary slaves to independent entrepreneurs living the lifestyle of our choosing. In this episode you’ll also find:

  • The most influential books that helped us leave the employee mentality behind
  • What we do now to make a living online
  • 9 things that every internet business entrepreneur needs when starting out