Bill Cosby chimes in on the Academy

Academy IconHave you ever heard that old recording of the classic Bill Cosby

It’s called “Chocolate Cake For Breakfast.”

His wife asks him to make breakfast for the kids.

He ends up giving them big slices of chocolate cake.

The kids are thrilled.

They sing “Dad is Great! Give us the Chocolate Cake!”

Jay just posted a new video — watch and see if you can find what
the delicious “chocolate cake” is in it.

The best part is, this chocolate cake doesn’t just taste great…

…it’s also loaded with awesome nutrition.

Bill got in trouble for giving his kids chocolate cake.

We’ll never get in trouble for this, because not only is it yummy,
but it’s got everything you need to make your business big and

Okay, so it’s a little corny.

But you really need to watch it!

Video Screen Capture


  1. It’s been an enjoyable and educational experience so far.

    I definitely recommend it for anyone who is on the fence. In the first month alone, you get hours of podcasts and videos, and the forum is a great place to network.