The most asked question about internet business (plus the answer)

I’m getting a lot of replies to these daily emails and I love it.

I’m also getting a handful of questions, here’s one of them.

My comments will follow.


Daniel writes:


I understand where you are coming from and what you are trying to accomplish. This new email program will weed out the people who just freeload your material, and those that are on the fence.

I’m on the fence, but I have to tell you, I don’t have a niche idea…

…if I don’t have a good startup business idea to run with, I’m not dumping money into a black hole.”


—Thanks for your question, Daniel. People that are on the fence are totally welcome! That is what these daily emails are about, giving you the info you need to make the smart decision.

“How to find a niche/market” is actually the most common concern people have about starting a freedom business and I had the exact same concern when I started.

I’m going to let another reader of these daily emails answer Daniel first, then I’ll continue to comment:


Clinton writes:

“Wowza! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the emails, and had no idea that some folks perception could generate such a response! The frequency is hitting me just at the right time. I’ll admit, I’m trying not to get caught in the beginning stages, but your Niche profit code, combined with recent guidance from reading The One Thing are helping me grind through to take daily action toward building something that fits my purpose. Something that even if it fails, I’ll come out the other side with more applicable knowledge, and be proud of taking action even when it might be easier not to. Thanks! Keep up the good work!


—Thanks for the comment, Clinton. I applaud you for taking action and following a successful system like my Niche Profit Code. Breaking through the mindset barriers and continuing your daily action is exactly what it takes to succeed.

Fantastic job!

After years and years of helping entrepreneurs get started, Jason and I developed a couple easy systems to find a profitable niche. One only takes 3 minutes!

Clinton is talking about the Niche Profit Code, which is one of those systems.

We also have the Niche Master Class which dives deeper into which niches are profitable, how to find a niche that you’ll love for years to come.

I’ve added both systems into the Freedom Club.

The Freedom Club will have all you need to get started. Nothing is missed. You even get access to a private, exclusive Facebook mastermind group for members only.

Join us here:

Jeremy Frandsen
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