All Aboard!

It’s official.

After 5 years of being the #1 podcast in our main categories, it’s safe to say that Internet Business Mastery is not just a flash in the pan.

But did you know that you may not be taking full advantage of us?

There are a lot of additional training sessions and special events that only registered subscribers receive.

And in the next few weeks, we will be releasing some new videos that will only be available to registered subscribers. We’ll be showing you how you can overcome the feelings of being overwhelmed that almost everyone experiences when starting an Internet business, and even how to easily pinpoint your own profitable niche.

It’s super easy to become a registered subscriber. Just add your first name and email address to the box over there on the right. If you’re this in your feed reader, then click here and you’ll find the free sign up on the right.

When you do, we’ll also give you our free audio ebook, “The 3 Pillars Of Designing Your Ultimate Internet Lifestyle.”

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  1. Sterling,

    Congratulations on your first 5 years!! I know I certainly appreciate the fact that you guys started the Podcast and all that has come from it. The Academy rocks!

    Seriously, I know that when someone jumps in and says how great the Academy is, they probably sound like a frothing fan-geek (and maybe he or she is). But for anyone who really wants something more out of life and is interested in starting an Internet-based business, you’ll save a lot of time and confusion by trying the Academy where you get it all (and more) in one place.

    Maybe it won’t fit some people (you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time). But the cool thing is, you guys offer the Risk-Free trial so there’s really no need to guess. People can try it and see what it’s all about first-hand.

    Anyway, best of success on your next 5 years!


  2. You already know this, Sterling, but I just thought I’d come back here and mention to future readers that after being a member of the Academy for over a year, I decided I wanted to invest in my future by becoming an Academy Lifetime Member.

    Money well spent!


  3. Now I am a big fan of the podcasts but would really like to hear what the Academy can bring to people that have been doing IM for quite some time and that is making a nice living from their online ventures. Is the Academy primarily beginner focused or will there be something for more experienced uses as well?

    For me this is not a money issue but rather a question of spending time in the best way possible. Sure I could take the free trial, but I would love to hear feedback from high-earners that are still members of the Academy.


    • One thing we have set up so you can hear from these people is to listen to the podcast episodes that are called “Success Stories” or “Cubicle Escape”, also, in nearly every episode we talk about them and what they are up do during the breakthrough section on the show. We also give their URLs so you can see their sites!

      • Hey Sterling, yes I’ve heard about those but two things I haven’t heard (or missed) is the type of income and whether they were just started by you guys and have reached that level themselves or if you have helped them all along. Sorry if I’ve missed that part.


        • Yeah, many of them do say how much. Pat from talks about it in a blog post each month. The lowest amount that I remember being said is 7 grand per month, but he was still rather new.

    • Hi Mikael,

      If you’re already rather experienced with internet business, then one of our coaching courses or the platinum group would be a better fit. We launch these once or twice a year.

    • Thanks guys. The responsiveness of the both of you says it all. See you on the inside :)