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Welcome to Internet Business Mastery. This is a community of Internet entrepreneurs dedicated to helping you escape the 9-to-5.


By turning your life’s passion into an extremely profitable Internet business!

This community was started by us…

Jeremy Frandsen

Jason Van Orden

…two entrepreneurs that left the cubicle wasteland behind and created seven-figure incomes working online.

Let us show you exactly how you can, too!

Conquer The Epidemic That Steals Your Freedom

There’s an epidemic in our society. Most people have jobs (or even their own businesses) that enslave them.

Their freedom is literally traded for a paycheck.

Sound familiar?

Society teaches us to get a “secure” job and work hard. Then, one day in the distant future, you can finally retire and enjoy your life.

That may be okay for some people, but not us!

We believe there is a better way… a better way to make more money and enjoy freedom and fulfillment in your lifestyle starting now! It’s your life. You have the right to design and live the lifestyle you truly want.

You Deserve More

Our online community is all about helping you enjoy something more. Your life does not have to be centered around your job.

Here’s what we believe:

  • You should be totally in charge of how much money you make
  • The greatest risk is to live a life that doesn’t fulfill you
  • True security is found in a business that provides for the lifestyle that YOU choose, not that your job dictates

Our goal is to help you make more money and find true freedom and fulfillment on your own. No more worrying abut fighting your way up the corporate ladder… and no more being a helpless victim to a business that rules every waking hour of your life.

How To Get Started

We have prepared a FREE video presentation called “The 3 Minute Money Test”. This simple test shows how to uncover and validate income streams in just three minutes. arrow-red-down

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