A Cool Listener Story

Thank YouEvery week or so we get an awesome email from a listener.

Well, last week we received FOUR in the same week!

As always, thanks for taking the time to communicate with us — we really love the feedback and kind words.

If you need a cool story to keep you motivated and heading in the right direction, then take a couple minutes and check this out. He asked us to keep his name confidential, you’ll see why when you read it. So we’ll call him “Bill” for now.

“Bill” gave us permission to use his letter and maybe he’ll let us do a follow-up interview later!

Here’s his email:

Hi Jay,

I’m writing this to you confidentially (I feel like I can trust ya!).

As I was driving into work today, listening to you and your pal Sterling on one of the recent podcasts (as I’ve done many times the past month or two), I felt a strong connection and frankly support for what I’m about to embark on.

Today at 3:00 pm, I’m sitting down with my two current business partners and announcing my intention to leave the company I started in 1999. It will  set off a chain of events, some pleasant and some not, but ultimately events that will lead me to be able to start the next phase of living a life of freedom that you guys so passionately talk about.

It’s funny and ironic, I’ve already “done it” (started a million-dollar business as a naive, booted-strapped entrepreneur), so I know the struggles and triumphs that lie ahead. Most importantly, I have that confidence you suggest is so critical (which most people sadly lack).

When I started my business so many years ago, I was just a guy in his spare bedroom, panicking about where the next paycheck would come from. Slowly and steadily, through a lot of trials, highs and lows, I succeeded where many others failed. So I’m very proud of that.

But along the way, lots of things changed. The vision and values of the company diverged from my personal vision and values. The business has became another “job” that I dread coming into. We added structure, process, red tape, big payroll, big rent and big demanding clients. I became someone I’m not, frustrated and unable to express myself as freely as I want to.

For me, the biggest lesson—and one I’ll eventually tell others in depth when I’m back “on my own”—is that if you’re not staying true to yourself and your vision and values, it’s time to move on. And that means setting pride and ego aside and doing what you feel is right, for yourself and others. Just like I don’t believe “the customer is always right,” I also don’t believe the “captain should go down with the ship.” I’ve watched other captains (former bosses) do that, and it’s miserable for everyone involved.

So my partners will likely hate me, but maybe secretly or openly they’ll be relieved because they also know it’s time for me to leave. The mechanics of figuring out how I transition out of the company, and the payment terms, will create necessary unpleasantries. Sometimes life demands those types of events to get to a better place.

Another thing I know: there’s never a perfect, ideal or frankly even a good time to do something so crazy as starting over. My wife and I are a month away from having our second child (to join a wonderful, fussy, precocious 2-year-old life already in progress), the economy sucks and I’m not independently wealthy. But my wife also has confidence and the faith to believe in me. (Your wife sounds equally able to let you chase your rainbows and vice versa.)

Now, the pressure will truly be on as I decide what to do next. The toughest part is having to be patient and wait a bit longer; I’ll have to focus a lot of my energy on leaving the current business on a solid footing. I’m not good at living the life of the secret agent — having been there and done that. Plus, lack of sleep with a toddler cures workaholism pretty quickly!

I write all this as a way of leading up to saying thank you to you and Sterling. I really believe in the stuff you guys preach about having a Major Definitive Purpose (initial caps of course!) and applaud you for sharing your knowledge and passion and helping other people achieve success. Those are things I’m totally in sync with you on.

You probably already know the stuff you do works, and that you have the power to make a significant impact on other people’s lives (the ones who are paying attention). Thank God for the Internet, right? It is incredible how people can randomly connect to others in real, life changing ways. Stephen King (in On Writing) talks about the idea of telepathy that happens through fiction, and to me it’s accelerated online.

So again, thank you. When you sit down at the mic next time, know there are folks like me out there with tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts, growing because of your work.

All the best,



Whoa — how can you not love getting feedback like that?

That’s what drives us to give you the very best we can every episode.

It’s unbelievably cool to know you’re helping real people achieve the dreams of their heart.

So again, our thanks to “Bill” for sending in his story. And best wishes to him… and everyone… in following your Definite Major Purpose!

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  1. Very cool message from Bill.

    It takes lots of guts to start over and pursue our dreams.

    Kudos to you Bill and congratulations to Jay and Sterling.

    All the best,

    Ed Torres

  2. Inspiring post. I wanted to say that I to have been inspired by you guys to start an internet business. Honestly, about four months ago I never even thought of having my own business; I was one of those people who were dangerously comfortable in their office job. Mostly, I just worried about getting the next promotion.

    I became interested in internet business first when an opportunity came up that I was very personally interested it. That lead me to your podcast on a friend’s recommendation and you guys really opened my eyes. The podcast really motivated me with the mindset stuff as well as some of your book recommendations.

    In particular, at a few points you guys just said to start doing something each day for your business. It really worked for me, I have started small but its only been four months and I have a product launched and I already have some sales.

    So, thank you and I am looking forward to your Academy launch tommorrow; I have a good start but I really want to take things to the next level.

  3. Agreed, Jay & Sterling have done a great job and have motivated me to start a virtual assistant business.

    check us out when you can: http://www.findvirtual.com/

  4. So, boys, where do I start??

    I have just subscribed to your podcasts, through iTunes, and it has been a breath of fresh air to see that someone is actually actively talking and helping out the community with knowledge. Also, inspiring to see that someone else is actually doing the same thing I am planning to do, that is, living wherever they want while still being financially independent.

    Last night I was flying back from one of my client engagement meetings, and decided to give the IBM podcasts a blast on the old iPod. I listened to about 8 shows in a row!! Consistently delighted with your little verbal sparring and general good humour, as well as the great nuggets of info!! The guy next to me thought I was nuts taking copious notes as well as laughing!

    So, to the “good news” part of the comment. I had been hatching multiple internet businesses in my head, and for some reason they all seem to come to me when I fly around. Yesterday, was no different. For the “Nth” time I put pen to paper and created a quick 5 pager business plan, with marketing, product description, etc. BUT! for the first time, I decided to actually make it happen. So today, I am going to work late, and I will spend the morning putting some more meat on those bones I sketched out last night, thanks to the motivation you guys gave me!!

    I think that your approach of creating case studies are invaluable, as you can see what you did right and also what you did wrong. I will certainly do that as well!!

    Now, finally, a site you guys may find useful, http://www.bustaname.com very handy for those times you are stuck for a domain name ;-)

    Well done boys, please keep the good work up. The cmmunity needs more blokes like you two.



    PS: From day 1, I will devote 10% of my new business’ profits to community aid. I am thinking two major things,1. Microloans to third world country people, 2. Tree planting fund, so we can have more trees all around.