8 Tips To Make Mobile Landing Pages That Convert


As purpose-based business owners we spend a lot of our time creating super engaging content that makes our audience come back for more.

It’s the type of content that:

  • Gives our reader that “a ha” moment
  • Delivers signal rather than noise AND
  • Enables our audience to get closer to their single motivating purpose

Yet, as much time as we spend on creating the content, the podcasts and the videos that our audience consumes…it’s the landing pages that convert our audience into customers, turning our single motivating purpose into a business.

Your audience is begging you to go mobile and you already know the first 3 things you should do to make your purposed based business mobile friendly, but 1 of those three…turns your blog or podcast into a business.

And that’s your landing pages.

You see, as important as it is to have a mobile-friendly website and mobile optimized emails…it’s just the foundation to give your customer what they need…access to your content that helps them grow in their lives and their business.

Your in depth tutorials, how-to videos, podcast interviews and success stories only make your customer want to take action.

Your landing pages or sales pages enable them take action.

As your audience continues to engage from their mobile phone it’s critical that your landing pages allow for conversion.

We’ve discussed the many ways your audience is connecting from their phone but let’s run through a refresher real fast:

  • 41% of all emails are opened from a mobile device
  • Over 60% of Facebook’s traffic and 60% of twitter usage is from a mobile a device
  • And our podcasts and internet radio shows are continuing to connect with those in their cars and working out all because of their smartphone.

With this usage behavior it only makes sense that we need to make it as easy as possible for our audience to become a customer when we have something amazing to sell them…mobile-friendly landing pages gives us the best chance to convert readers and listeners into customers no matter what device they are using.

Here are 8 tips to make your landing pages mobile friendly:

1. Offer Value

Some people forget this but if your offering doesn’t deliver value to your customer it doesn’t matter what device they are on…you won’t convince them to buy.

Make sure your product or service delivers tremendous value.

2. Be Fast

Your mobile landing pages should be lightweight. That means less than 20kb total ideally and load under 5 seconds.

Your customer expects your site to load fast on a phone and won’t wait around so your site performance is critical.

3. Close The Goal Gap

Mobile users are goal-oriented versus the benefit-oriented behavior of desktop users. Featuring your call-to-action and task completion content (click to call, subscribe to email, register or buy) above the fold or within the top 100 pixels for smartphones makes a huge difference.

If your call-to-action is lower on the screen and takes endless scrolling to present just the teaser you’ll not only risk retaining the reader, you might lose them all together.

4. Be Brief

Contradictory to what many many marketers may say…long form sales pages are not mobile-friendly.

Now, if you have a super dedicated audience like Jeremy and Jason do, you can probably get away with a longer sales page. However, even those that run into Jeremy and Jason for the first time may not have the patience for such long sales pages especially from their mobile phone.

So what does that mean for your sales pages?

Well, some of you should cut your copy in half to optimize for mobile…

That means make those 6 word headings, 3 or 4 words and limit those 5 bullets to 2 or three.

Mobile headings should be 3-4 words in an ideal world.

5. Don’t make them zoom

If your pages are mobile friendly or responsive this shouldn’t be an issue but make sure your reader doesn’t have to pinch and zoom to read your call-to-action.

LeadPages offers a great solution to make mobile responsive landing pages that keep your call-to-action simple…ideal for a mobile device.

6. Be Thumb-Friendly

When we want our readers to take action we usually do so by including links or buttons. Small and compact content is difficult for users to click on mobile devices. Don’t let your user fat-finger around your site.

Design clickable targets (links, buttons, icons and form fields) to be touch-friendly.

Minimum target area suggestions are 44×44 pixels.

Add padding, ensure images are clickable, pad fields and leverage JavaSCript(jQuery) plugins to make touch swipe gestures easier.

7. Simplify your forms

Mobile landing pages should look to limit the effort from the user which typically results in simplified forms.

If you can aim for 7 or less fields you’ll be in the best spot. You can expect conversion to go down by up to 50% with each additional field.

8. Don’t forget to track

Tracking is critical so you can continue to test what works best when it comes to conversion. Not every sales page is the same and your audience isn’t the same as your competitors…

Testing will help you continually fine tune your sales pages to create the optimal conversion rate for your offer and your audience. Successful landing pages are an art, a science and most importantly takes practice.

Solutions like LeadPages takes years of testing analytics and offers proven solutions to help you get started AND see success but always test against your own audience as the slightest tweaks can make the largest difference.

If you want to take your business to the next level..following these 8 guidelines when creating your next sales page will help turn that mobile reader into a customer.

We want to hear your results?

Share the results of your next landing page once you’ve made it mobile-friendly.

Tell us about it in the comments!


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  2. Robin, great catch. It was previously. I’ll look into that and fix. :) Thanks!

  3. Great article, Greg. And thanks for publishing it, Jeremy and Jason. Also, thanks for mentioning LeadPages :-)

  4. Nice tips Greg. I just recently started following you on Facebook and I think maybe Google+ too.


  5. Mark Buskbjerg says:

    Amy suggestions how i differentiate the users on a responsive wordpress website? Really need to clear some copy for the mobile users :)

    • Mark,

      What exactly do you mean? Are you looking to show different copy to mobile users than desktop users?

      If so, I know that’s possible. That’s certainly the idea behind responsive design. I don’t know the technical aspects of how that is done. The basic idea is that your site gets data from the visitor as to what kind of browser they are using and then reacts accordingly. You would need to maybe engage a programmer on Elance.com to help you with that.