7 Steps for Getting the Attention of Influencers (and Getting them To Help You)

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Have you ever wondered how to get the attention of the leaders in your market?

We all know connecting with the right people in your industry will propel your success. But getting their attention can be tough and sometimes next to impossible.

In this post I’ll share a guaranteed way to cut through the noise and get a response from most influencers (as long as it’s not Richard Branson or Oprah).

This strategy bypasses all the usual advice to build a relationship over time. It goes beyond the typical “magic words” that supposedly get your email read.

What I’m about to share works much faster and with a higher rate of success.

Honestly, I’m surprised that more people don’t do this. I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve seen use this technique, but the results have always been stellar.

The fact that so few do this is exactly why it works so well. So what is the secret?


The One Thing Every Influencer Needs that Only You Can Offer

You’ve likely read the following usual advice: to get what you want most, you have to first help others get what they want.

This certainly is true. The desires of most influencers fit into one of three categories.

  1. Impact the lives of more people
  2. Make more money
  3. Have their work validated or recognized

But how do you help an important influencer with any of these things when you first start out?

You don’t have a list to promote to. You don’t have connections to offer. You don’t have skills that they don’t already have access to.

So what do you give them?

As it turns out, there is one thing you can offer that no one else can. It delivers results in all three of the categories above.

It has the power to not only get your email read, but to earn you an enthusiastic yes rather than a polite “no.”

What is it?

Your success story.

Why it Works so Well

Everyone influencer needs testimonials and case studies proving that their stuff works. It’s a key element for successful marketing. Any savvy influencer knows this.

Also, success stories make powerful content for their site and press appearances.

And even if they already have success stories, more is always better. Your story is unique.

Influencers need a variety of stories to share in order to relate to the wide variety of people in their audience.

This has a high value for influencers for two reasons.

  1. The percentage of people that take action, achieve measurable results and document it is very small
  2. It’s a pain to track down these people down, follow up on their progress, get a testimonial and obtain permission from them.

So make it easy for them. Be their success story.

Not only will you get their immediate attention, you’ll have their gratitude. It instantly triggers the principle of reciprosity. They’ll be much more likely to help you in the future.

Frankly, it surprises me that more people don’t do this. Instead most people waste their time pursuing the usual, “easy” methods. As a result, they are lost in the noise and get ignored.

7 Steps to Get an Influencer to Adore You

Here’s how to put this strategy into action.

  1. Choose the influencer
  2. Buy their product
  3. Show up on their radar
  4. Take action and get results
  5. Create a video testimonial
  6. Contact the influencer
  7. Follow up with the influencer

Here are some tips for each step to get the most out of this strategy.

Step 1: Choose the Influencer

Choose someone you want to get the attention of. If this is your first go at it, choose a more “mid-tier” influencer. Later you can go for the “A-list.”

Step 2: Buy Their Product

There are few rules of thumb to keep in mind here.

  1. The more expensive the product, the more an influencer needs good success stories to sell it.
  2. The more money you spend on a product, the more you show commitment and stand out.
  3. The bigger the influence someone has, the more money you should spend on a product in order to really get their attention.

The easy route is to buy their book. But everyone has probably bought their book. This might work OK for mid-tier influencers.

For “A-list” influencers you have to get more serious. Do they have consulting services? Do they have a coaching program? Or at the very least, do they have a higher-priced training? Buy that.

Step 3: Show Up on the Radar

When you buy their product, let them know. Look for an opportunity through their blog comments or social media to mention that you bought it and are already getting a lot out of it.

When you learn something that really strikes you, mention it to them. They may or may not take notice at this point, but it’s an easy way to prime the pump.

But there is one way to ensure you show up on their radar: participate in the private/paid online communities.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for online influencers to have some sort of private forum, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, etc. for their paid customers.

If this is the case, become one of the most valued members of the community.

Influencers depend on active, helpful members to set the tone for a group. Be that person. I promise, they will take notice.

We know the names of every person that participates regularly in our private Facebook groups. Do this, and you’ll make huge blips on their radar.

Step 4: Take Action and Get Results

The dirty, little secret of books, info products, coaching, consulting, etc. is that the number of people that actually put the info into action is VERY SMALL.

I wish this weren’t the case, but it’s human nature. We hit that buy button to feel good for a few days, then the product becomes a virtual paper weight and is forgotten.

By simply taking action and following the product through to the end, you already put yourself in the top 5% of people who want to get the attention of any influencer.

Take action until you get the desired result. Measure and document your progress.

Take screenshots along the way. Keep proof of your success. You’ll need it when it comes time to make your case study video.

Step 5: Create a Video Testimonial

We frequently get emails from students who share their success. I appreciate every one of these. Sometimes we get permission to use their story, sometimes they prefer to remain private. But these are typically written success stories.

Written testimonials are great.

Audio testimonials are better.

Video testimonials are the holy grail.

Here’s what to include in your testimonial video.

  1. State your name, where you are from and your web site.
  2. If you are comfortable with it, quickly share something else about yourself. This makes your video more personal and believable. This should be something that relates to the product and topic.Examples include:* I’m a student at Berklee School of Music
    * I’m a mother of two children
    * I’ve been a software engineer for ten years.
  3. Mention which product you bought and used
  4. Share what you did and the specific results
  5. Include proof of the results if possible

If you need help recording your video, see episode 225 where we share how we create our videos.

Save the video file in the highest resolution possible. Put it in DropBox or something similar where you can easily share it.

Step 6: Contact the Influencer

Find direct contact info for the influencer if possible. If not, then sending a message to their staff or office will also work. You can also do a first contact through social media.

Your first email should simply ask for permission to send them the video. Here is a template.



I’m an owner/buyer/student of NAME OF PRODUCT.

Can I send you a video I made that shows how I used PRODUCT NAME to get SPECIFIC RESULT?

If it helps, you can to use it as a testimonial. It’s the least I can do after everything your information has done for me.

Let me know if you’d like to see it and I’ll send you a link to the file.


Your Name

If you’re contacting them through social media, here is a template status update.

@NAME I made a video showing how I used PRODUCT NAME to get SPECIFIC RESULT. Would you like me to send it your way?

Then wait for a response. If you don’t hear back within a week, try contacting them again through another means. It’s most likely that they didn’t see it.

When they reply. Send them the video. State again that they have your permission to use it as a case study or testimonial.

Also let them know that you’d like to help others benefit from the information in the same way. Offer to help with any other testimonial content that would be useful.

Step 7: Follow up with the Influencer

Don’t ask for something in return right away. Chances are the opportunity will come naturally. You’ve made a huge deposit in the reciprocity account.

Stay on their radar. Be helpful. Deliver value.

You Are the Top 0.1%

Let’s take stock of what you have done so far to stand out.

  1. You bought their product
  2. You put it into action
  3. You took the time to make a video testimonial
  4. You took initiative to send it to them and give permission to use it

This puts you in the top 0.1% of people vying for their attention. You WILL stand out.

Yes, this takes time. Yes, it is an investment. But these kinds of relationships will catapult your progress.

It’s so effective, yet nobody does it. But you will. And that is why you will reap the benefits.

Questions? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you for this article. This is like finding the holy grail – it’s that good. Such incredible, step-by-step advice. I always love sharing your content with my audience and will continue to do so. There’s nothing else like it. Thanks again.

  2. This is great advice!! What a wonderful plan to connect with someone that inspires you! Besides if their product really does what they say then not only will you connect and get noticed… you’ll have great results too!

  3. Regie Bariuan says:

    I really need this. Its a great advice. I’m already done with the first 2 steps. I still have a lot of work to do. I’ll implement the rest of the steps and send you guys an update regarding the results. Thanks! :)

  4. This is a fantastic post. I am truly amazed at how much information you guys actually give away for free! As one of your Academy members, I can attest to the massive quantity and extremely high quality of the content behind the paid membership (hmmmmm…I feel a video testimonial coming your way!!!), but I am also so impressed with the straightforward, more than generous amounts of content you give away on a regular basis. You are THE BEST of THE BEST! Thanks, guys.

  5. I think i am a bit confused here. If i have a business in a particular niche, am i looking for influencers in my niche too? If so, why would i want to purchase and use their product and use it and how would it help me in my niche (which would be similar)? Similarly, if i am to buy your product about making a profitable business, and i make it, how will you (as an influencer) help me beyond the actual success i would get before even asking you as influencer.

    Or maybe i have the wrong definition of an influencer and what they influence on?

  6. Carole,

    The influencer would want to help you because they would want you to promote their product to your audience if it has helped in some way.

    That is how I interpreted it anyway.

  7. I believe that same technique helped me to land an interview with best-selling author and travel hacker Chris Guillebeau. I bought and used his Frequent Flyer ebook, responded to one of his newsletters with a typo that I found on his landing page and after he thanked me for it, followed up with asking him for an interview a few days later.

    So it definitely works! :)