7 Signs You Need to Escape the 9-to-5 Now


I’m often asked how I know if someone is right for being a freedom business builder.  Even asking that question is a symptom of wanting more freedom, but I always say it starts with the desire.

Sometimes they are still not sure and want to know if there is a way to truly know if they should take the plunge.

Thankfully, there are signs that you are ready to escape the 9-5.

This is in no way an exhaustive list.  You may have one or even all the signs, either way, they may be predicting that an internet business is in your future:

1. Sunday Evening Dread.  

This is the night the pain maximises.  You have had a couple days off and are basking in the warm embrace of autonomy and choice as you did exactly what you wanted for 2 days straight.

You suddenly realize that all ends tomorrow morning and pure dread and despair lurk in the back of your mind, slowly forcing their wait to center stage as the evening progresses.

You do anything you can to keep them at bay.

You watch Game of Thrones (or whatever your tv/movie preference) because you are trying to forget the upcoming week, instead of for the love of the show.

You are constantly on the verge of reverting back to the 6 year old frustration phase by falling on the floor, pounding your and hands and kicking your feet and whining, “I don’t want to go to work, I hate work!  You cannot make me gooooooo!”

2. Alarm Clock Anxiety.  

Your best friend is the snooze button.  You are so good at using this handy tool, you barely wake up to use it.

Ultimately it doesn’t save you from the nightmare of reality.

Instead of thinking how happy you are it’s finally time to get up and live your purpose, you are thinking of all the things you have to do that you don’t want to do.

You think of the mundane tasks.

You think of the tedious commute to your cubicle cell.

You think of pretending to care about what your boss says about his weekend and how lucky you are he is giving you this new list of tasks.

You think of the time you will miss with your family and the things you’d like to do with your life that is slipping away.

3. Craving Control.  

You want to be in charge of your life.  Not just in charge of what you listen to on the way to work, but real things like your future.

You are tired of your money and your time being limited and dictated by other people.

You are constantly baffled by how stupid the people in charge of your job and the business are.

You are tired of all the forces in control of your life not having your best interests in mind.

4. After Work Fizzle.  

You’ve finally escaped the mind numbing work tasks, braved evening traffic and made it home.  Time to play, right?

Nope, instead of being uplifted and energetic, you find yourself drained, irritable, and morose.

You constantly wonder if it’s really worth the money, considering it wipes out your nights as well as your days.
Isn’t it time for a late evening nap?

5. Fulfillment Freeze Out.  

The end of every work day leaves tired, sad, and without energy.  You may have stopped writing out your goals long ago.

The passion has long been stripped from your job, now it’s all just putting up with it.

You have the sneaking suspicion that there is more to life, but better not to stir up to much and feel worse when you get home.
You feel energy seeping from you as you go through the motions at work.

6. Honey, meet your children.  

You are tired of only having a chance to see your kids on the weekend or while rushing through bedtime chores.

The weekends feel rushed as you try to make up for very little time during the week.

Half of Sunday is lost to Sunday Evening Dread!

You want to help them with their homework, but you just feel to drained.

Your kids know to “Let Daddy have some peace” because you are suffering from many of the other signs above.

7. Financial Freedom.

You are tired of scraping by and barely having enough money to pay the bills.

You are tired of someone else limiting how much you are worth.

You are tired of having a cap on how much money you can bring in a month.

You want to study and live the value cycle, a win/win principle we teach and live.

You want to be able to choose the amount of money you make based on the value you bring to an audience you love.

You want to be able to do as John Lennon did and go “write yourself a swimming pool!”

You might even like your job, but just want to be able to bring in extra income while working at home.

I have the signs, now what?!

First of all, don’t panic.  There is no need to see a doctor, get any mystical energy work done or even walk over hot coals to boost your confidence of… walking over hot coals.

Admitting the problem is the first step.


The second step is knowing that you can change things right now.  Getting in touch with your self efficacy is a must.  You can make that decision to take massive action towards you escape and total fulfillment.

Double Check!

Like any great movie, the quest begins with finding a mentor.

Finding the right mentor comes down to several key standards.

  1. Trust – The mentor clearly understands the Value Cycle and clearly gives amazing value before offering the opportunity to receive value.
  2. Experience – You want someone that knows what they are doing and has a track record of successfully doing what they teach for many YEARS.
  3. Likeability – This seems minor, but if you are going to spend a lot of time learning from someone, you need to enjoy the mentors presentation and teaching style.
  4. Step-by-Step Training – You don’t wait random theory and loose, incomplete plans, you want step-by-step training with nothing missing.

For over 8 years, I have been on a mission to make those key standards a part of how I choose a mentor and how I teach others.  If you’d like to check our Freedom Business Academy, check it out here. Congratulations, if you’ve read this far, it’s very likely you are a prime candidate for being a freedom business builder. Good luck and I cannot wait to see the value you create for yourself and the world!

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  1. Great post Jeremy… I think some of us know these symptoms all too well. You are an inspiring mentor!

  2. This is me.

    I have known this for years but only recently started doing something about it. I’m starting a podcast for my niche.
    Just getting me down lately as I have just switched locations of work thinking it would make happier being closer to my family.
    It has not.

    Great Post Jeremy and Intrested in the Academy.

    • I’m so glad you liked it! Sounds like you’d be perfect for a freedom business! My x-wife was in another state with my kids and I moved there to be next to them. 1 mile away, at the time! All thanks to doing business online. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I had kept my job, cause I’d have to stay in Los Angeles!

      • Thanks Jeremy
        Just to clarify being close to family HAS made me happy but I realised i’m not living my purpose.
        My work is ok ( which is worse) but not GREAT.
        Just looking at your vids.
        I have a podcast in mind for a particular niche already. Get audience then ask how I can help. Then product.
        Would this be right for me ?

  3. Hey Jeremy
    Thanks for the reply.
    Seeing my family more has made me want this badly.
    Is podcasting focused in the course too ?
    I have a niche market. Want to build the audience with the podcast. Ask what help I can give. Make product for them.

    Is this for me ? Currently with Fizzle but not feeling the community.

    • We don’t focus on podcast in the Academy 101, we have a separate course about that. 101 is about getting your site profitable and having a base foundation so you can take advantage of things like podcasts!

  4. Hey Jeremy
    I wish to start a podcast but understand to fully have a business i need a base (a website)- I was going to build an audience first on a podcast.

    Oh and the site is not about podcating

    I think Im joining the Academy !

    • My suggestion is what we teach in the Academy 101, build an audience using social media and blogging FIRST, get that profitable, THEN start a podcast and use other media!