691 | This is the biggest milestones to shoot for…

I love getting success stories and breakthrough stories, even after all these years.

Every one of them makes me excited and proud for doing what I do.

Success can be just getting yourself started and taking daily action after years of being crippled with doubt.

Success goes all the way from taking that first action all the way to the freedom destination you have in mind.

It’s all the steps you actually take.

It’s making a huge mistake and then fixing it and continuing on.

I want to share with you a success breakthrough that I got and I’ll comment after:

“Breakthrough! I ‘finally’ took my Top Strength of ‘INPUT’ (always collecting information) lol and put it to action with Jeremy Frandsen and Jason’s ‘Writing and Selling Your First eBook in 30 Days or Less!’. I finished and sold my first eBook yesterday. Action, action, action. Thanks IBM for the push! I sold two copies last night, my first day, and even though it’s only 2, I’m celebrating each milestone, because before it was nothing. You can’t share what you don’t put out. Happy Friday everyone!”

Lisa M.

–Congrats Lisa! You just hit the Money Milestone and it’s a big one.

I love to hear about the first dollar made online, ’cause it is what can start a HUGE mindset shift in an entrepreneur’s mind. It’s that moment when this all becomes real.

You realize that YOU can actually make money online.

For most people, it’s all a dream until that first dollar comes in and then the lightbulb flips on and possibility really kicks in.

Congrats on getting over the Info Gathering Stage and moving on to the Implementation Stage. The Implementation Stage is where the money is made, as you just saw!


Gather just enough info to implement what you’ve learned BEFORE you gather more info, that’s what finally got me to the Money Milestone.

If you want to get your hands on the eBook Lisa is talking about, Writing and Selling Your First eBook in 30 Days or Less, it’s in the Beginner Action Guides section of the Freedom Club. It’s part of your membership here:


Jeremy Frandsen
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