690 | No one believes in you…

When I started on this journey to create a freedom business, no one believed in this freedom business thing.

Even my wife (now X wife) didn’t believe.

She supported my decision to try, barely, but I could see the fear and doubt in her eyes.

I became extremely unemployable after reading the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I couldn’t keep working in my boring, ‘one day closer to death’ job anymore.

The day I gathered the courage to start, I could hardly see straight I was so excited, but I was equally afraid.

The fear of failure is HUGE.

I didn’t have any idea what business I was going to start.

I didn’t have my niche.

I didn’t have my avatar.

I didn’t have a clear plan on how or where to start.

I *DID* have a burning desire and I was tired of no one believing in my dream.

I believed.

The fear was real, but my desire was greater.

Back then, I couldn’t find anyone teaching step by step instructions on starting a freedom business, this was back in 2004.

I did understand I needed instruction, but what I found was vague and most of the times I bought something to help me it was a total waste of time.

Nothing showed specific steps and phases of getting started, let alone success behaviors and mindset shifts needed to make it much easier.

It took me YEARS of struggle and frustration to figure it all out.

I vowed to make sure anything I taught would have it all and have it step by step.

Years later I found my purpose helping others start their freedom business and I’ve put it ALL in the Freedom Club.

I even made it so the investment to become a member is set so anyone with a desire can join, check it out now for just a buck a day at:

I can’t wait to see you on the inside!