685 | The answers you’ve been waiting for…

I recently asked my future Freedom Club members, why they didn’t buy when I opened the doors to freedom paradise.

I got a lot of questions, many of them the same, so I’m going to group them and answer them here.

I’m going to be a little briefer as I have to get my chickens all taken care of before the big storm that is supposed to hit this afternoon. (In case you didn’t know, I bought a 2 acre Gentleman’s Farm in a beautiful, secret valley about a year ago. It was just one of the things I wanted to try, I really enjoy it. Thanks freedom business!)

Anyways, let’s get to the questions. My comments will follow.


“I would have joined the Freedom Club, but I didn’t have the money.”

–Well ya, that can be a problem. I find that most people don’t have money problems, they have priority problems. If starting a freedom business isn’t a priority, it’ll always be pushed back to the “maybe someday” category.

When I started I sold my car so my wife and I shared a car. I moved from expensive Los Angeles to a tiny, cheap suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. I turned off cable, stopped going out to eat so much, and anything else “extra” that wasn’t helping me achieve my dream. I knew I had to invest in my dream and actually do the daily steps needed to make it happen. It paid off big, but anything of value has costs and not just money…


“I know there are a bunch of courses and bonuses in the Freedom Club, but are they going to be dripped out one at a time over a bunch of months, like most membership sites?”

–No. The Freedom Club 10 main courses packed into 3 phases.

Phase One: Make your first $500 online (on the side)
Phase Two: Replace Your Income and Quit Your Job!
Phase Three: Build a 7-Figure Business!

There are also a bunch of bonuses, that are laser focused to go deeper on several subjects, and a handful of separate action guides.

You can see everything included here: http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com

Everything is there and ready for you RIGHT NOW.


“I’ve been listening to you and Jason for years and I was wondering, where is Jason?”

–A couple of years ago we hired a CEO to run Internet Business Mastery, so that we could finally start pursuing other projects. Jason and I created all of the 10 courses in the Freedom Club together, but I decided to take on the joy of writing this daily blog post.

I REALLY like writing them. I might even like it more than the podcast!


Jason is here, behind the scenes, and on the podcast. Though he now has more time to do other things, as do I.


“I have no idea what business I want to create and I have no niche ideas in mind, so I don’t know if I’m ready to start”

–The Freedom Club was designed especially for you. We have an entire course about finding your niche. 12 years of deep dive knowledge to make sure you can finish with the niche you’ll use to create your business around. This is the number one concern most people have when they start, so of course, we put everything we know into it! The club has what you need.


“Is this just a get rich quick scheme?”

–No. There is no such thing as “getting rich quick”. It took over 12 years of work and testing (and retesting) and over 10,000 students to create the 10 full courses that are included in the Freedom Club. You will actually have to take small steps every day to get your desired freedom. If you don’t, you don’t get it. There are no get rich quick schemes that work and are legal… Thankfully, I’ve never fallen for one of those schemes and I suggest you do what I did and other successful people did; follow a plan that actually worked for others and work that plan every day.


“I’m a little more advanced, I already have my niche and a blog and even a product, is the Freedom Club still something that will be of value to me?”

–If you are already making 7 figures and have it all figured out, no. If you are not there yet, then yes.

We have an entire phase of the Freedom Club dedicated of going from where you are now to 7 figures. We learned and practiced this phase based on a friend of mine that has a HUGE, 200 million dollar a year business. He helped Jason and me go from 6 figures to 7 figures and now almost 8 figures! What we learn along the way I added to phase 3.


Well, I’m off to take care of my chickens, I hope these answers were helpful.

Time to join the Freedom Club ;)

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education