684 | Are you just waiting to die?

I woke up this morning excited and out of my mind with joy.

I couldn’t wait to get up and write to you. I have a deep affinity for entrepreneurs and people that have the desire to be entrepreneurs. That’s you or you wouldn’t be seeing these words…

Anyways, waking up like this wasn’t always so joyous.

Back in 2003, right before I started my entrepreneurial journey, I would wake up on a Sunday morning and for a few moments, I’d feel, at best, relief.

Relief that it was Sunday and that I didn’t have to go to work.

Then I’d think of going back to work on Monday and dread would start to fill my mind. I’d do all I could to push the feeling of dread out of my mind.

By Sunday night I’d have full on “Sunday Evening Dread”. Most of my “days off” would be fighting off the feeling of dread or fully encased in it.

That happened for YEARS.

I heard a quote that escalated my dread to exasperation. This quote and my 3 “fake” heart attacks shocked me awake.

Here it is:

“Most people are just waiting to die”

Let that sink in.

I don’t remember who originally said the quote, but after I heard it I was dazed for weeks.

I came out of that daze with one thought:


I made the choice.

I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my life just “waiting to die”!

I didn’t know how, but I made the choice anyways. That choice lead me from playing by the status quo and feelings of being bored, annoyed, financially enslaved, unhappy, scared, and afraid of failure…

To where I am now, nearly an eight figure business, high level of freedom, control over daily life, ability to print money on demand, surrounded by hand picked, high-level people, and excited to wake up every day to talk to people I respect and am on a mission to help.

My journey started with a choice and small, simple steps.

You can make the choice and take a small simple step right now. Start your journey by joining me in the Freedom Club here:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education