680 | Anti-hype…

“What the hell is the Freedom Club? Please tell me without all the hype and rah-rah.”

That’s a question I got recently.

I think this page, http://www.FreedomClubVIP.com , does tell you without the hype, cause I’m not big on flashy sales crap. But, I thought I’d break it down as hypeless as I can…

The Freedom Club is a subscription based membership site, so you pay for as long as you want access to all of the courses.

The Freedom Club’s 10 courses that are all step-by-step instruction and are divided into three phases:

Freedom Club – Phase One: Make your first $500 online (on the side)

The Freedom Formula
The Freedom Business Blueprint
The Niche Profit Code & The Niche Master Class
Beginners Bootcamp

Freedom Club – Phase Two: Replace Your Income and Quit Your Job!

Email List Magic
The Online Course Academy
The Backstage Pass – Product Launch Insider Access
Extreme Time Mastery

Freedom Club – Phase Three: Build a 7-Figure Business!

The Automated Income Machine
List Building with Facebook Groups
The Best of 2016’s Coaching Call Recordings

You get all this and a bunch of bonuses as well as access to our private, exclusive, members-only Mastermind group.

The investment to join is just 1 dollar a day, paid one time each month.

It’s everything you need to go from zero to freedom. ← I know that last line could be considered hype, but I’ve watched too many people make it work to consider it hype.

Join now:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education