679 | If you want to feel different, act differently.

A week or so ago I was talking about the way to build confidence is to act courageously by taking the first step.

In my studies, I found some more great info for you.

You begin by asking, “who am I going to be?”

You decided to be courageous again.

So what’s next?

Act that way.

Act with courage.

And here comes the part that’s so simple it’s easy to miss: the way you act will shape the way you feel. When you act with courage, immediately your fears start to shrink and you begin to grow.

If you want to feel different, act differently.

This isn’t complicated, but it’s amazing how many get it wrong.

Cato (one of the original stoics) was a man who decided at an early age what kind of person he wanted to be – someone who was stoic, tough, self-sacrificing – and then he set out to become that person.

When you put identity first – when you start from your conscious choice to be a certain kind of person – the way you think about achievement changes too. You see that character precedes achievement.

I don’t mean that good things only happen to good people, or that there’s no such thing as luck. I only mean that while what we accomplish is something beyond our control, we can always shape who we are.

“We can’t promise achievement. But we can become the kind of people who are worthy of achievement.”

~Eric Greitens, author of Resilience

So there you go, choose what type of person you want to be and then act like you are already that person.

You want to be the owner of a successful freedom business, act like it.

Take the smart steps a successful business owner would take.

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