677 | How long does it take you?

This morning I was reflecting on the last few months.

In 2017 I decided I was going to totally change my life and go after another dream.

Since then I’ve gotten rid of more than 90% of my stuff.

I’ve sold my home and gentleman’s farm.

I’ve streamlined this business even more.

I’ve gotten a new place in a different city and moved there.

I’ve set up my life to be perfect for my next hero’s journey.

Once I make a decision, I move fast.


I took to heart a what author Phil Stutz said in his book The Tools.

Phil said that the longer we wait between feeling inspired to do something and actually doing it, the more our confidence and self-respect erodes.

When I make a decision now I take action as fast as possible.

I also prefer to lead by example, not just theory.

How long has it been since you realized you had a dream to create a freedom business?

Have you noticed your confidence in taking action waning as you wait till “the time is right?”

Have you also noticed your self-respect corroding as you make excuse after excuse as to why now isn’t the time?

Speed is a force, that is why you need to take action towards your dreams as soon as possible.

Start now:

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education