665 | The sheriff was called in… again!

Sadly, I’m not getting as many of the following emails, I think it’s cause I’ve weeded so many of these type of people off my list.

I love weeding people off my list almost as much as I like finding the right people to join the Freedom Club family.

I got this email a couple days ago and as always, there is a lesson in here.

Here is the email and my comments will follow.

“4 Letter Words give me 4 reasons to Unsubscribe.
Unethical (suspect)
Unwise (why swear when you do not know who your audience is)
Un excusable”

—-I​ don’t believe for 1 second this guy was a potential customer, but I will answer his email in order to share with you how to handle people with victim mentalities.

This guy wanted any excuse not to take the first steps to start a freedom business, so he picked the fact that I said a “bad” word in the daily email he is responding to.

I put that bad word in there to make sure people like him get off my list and don’t waste my time buying my products just to refund them back with the excuses of being offended.

Victims LOVE to be offended and if he found an inspirational email with one “bad” word offensive, he is just itching to find anything offensive, (as an excuse not to actually start going after his dream.)

The truth can be offensive, so it was bound to happen with this guy.

If one bad word makes him clutch his pearls and faint back on his Victorian couch, I don’t want him buying my products or corrupting my large mastermind group of winners.

It’s time to stop being offended and start actually going after your dream!

I don’t know anyone that has been successful that is so easily offended, so I use things that offend the easily offended to weed them out.

It does it’s job like a charm, as the guy has proven.

Here are my answers to a couple words he used to try to manipulate me.


If I was unethical I’d do everything I could to make him buy, knowing full well he WASN’T the type of person to really take action.

Instead, I’ve done exactly the right thing to make sure he leaves my list and stays away from the buy button. He clearly wouldn’t know ethical if it smacked him in the face. Another fantastic reason I celebrate his leaving my list.

“Unwise(why swear when you do not know who your audience is)”

Here he’s assuming he knows who my audience is.

I know exactly how to attract winners that are ready to succeed.

Sadly, he’s just mad that he isn’t one of them and is “being offended” so he can blame me for succumbing to his fears.

I hate ‘assuming’ and ‘being offended’. I’m looking for people who are ‘Curious’ and ‘Ready to Win’.

He clearly isn’t ready.

In my experience, someone like this will never be ready, which is why I do several things to weed them off my list.

Someone like this wants me to beg and grovel for him to come back and learn for free, not me. Instead, I made sure my team kicked him off the list.

Ya, he said he was going to unsubscribe, but didn’t…

I made sure he did.

In your business, you have to know exactly who your audience is and you have to love working with them. You have to want to protect them like your own children.

I do and did.

Keith got ran out of town. Keith 0, Sherriff 1.

If you want to find out who your perfect audience is and how to build a business that is perfect for them and YOU, it’s time to join the Freedom Club.

Jeremy Frandsen
World Leader in Freedom Business Education